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Kareena HEROINE Kapoor

kareena kapoor

She sure looked every inch a heroine at the unveiling of Heroine trailer recently. I don’t like this lady much but can’t deny the fact that she does look good. Ummm…a well dressed good looking bitch?

I had this impression about people with square face that nothing can make them look good. But its her strong jaw line that takes her looks to a whole different level. Don’t you think?

kareena kapoor heroine
Kareena Kapoor at Heroine launch

She wore a blood red Ungaro jumpsuit to the event with a thin mettalic gold high waist belt. The accessories were kept minimal to a gold cuff and sandals. Now since the jumpsuit is grabing the eye balls, it’s good she chose not to look like a christmas tree santa claus in this case. And I don’t need to say again that the no-earrings and no-neck piece look never fails to work. May be that is the reason I’ve given up on all my statement necklaces and earrings for the time being!

red lipstick bollywood
Kareena Kapoor in red lipstick

The whole look was built around the red lip. She decided on the jumpsuit to go with her red lipstick or vice versa? Excuse my thoughts please.
It looks like Mac Russian Red to me since its more warm. I feel a blue based red lipstick would have worked more here. There is a wash off taupe brown all over the lid with a thick black liner. The blush belongs to the red family and is very lightly washed so as not to clash with the lipstick.

The sleek high pony stole my hear again. If I’m correct, she has only worn high ponytails in her recent public appearances like at THIS event.

7 thoughts on “Kareena HEROINE Kapoor”

  1. I don’t like her too, but damn I love the was she dresses!! Oh I am so glad, i finally got time to comment. Did you watch Cocktail? Do post your thoughts… I loved the movie and wish to watch again.

  2. @jiya always similar thoughts…always!
    I did watch it..good clothes good locations good songs n dats it. But worth a watch. Well now u hv asked for iot then m sure going to write it

  3. i dont like her much either.dont like what she is wearing either! too much red going on..my opinion though xx


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