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I’ve Moved To WordPress! Updates and Announcements

Yes yes you are at the right place. Make yourself at home. So as you can see things got a little

changed around here. Alright here is the full story. A month ago I ran out of the photo space. You get 1gb free by google and I used all the space. So now I had to go ahead and buy some hosting space. And while I was at it I thought why not check the other side of the fence and check if the grass is really greener on the other side. So before I knew I was on wordpress! And oh boy I did it all myself. I didn’t want to hire someone since I was on a budget. But my hosting company really helped me out. I ate their heads day and night. Big thanks to you guys! Meanwhile my best friend came to the city for a month and also at the same time my college exams started. So that explains everything.

So what do you need to do now?

1. You can follow me on facebook. Click HERE to like VNA’s fb page.

If you follow me via facebook then chances are you might not be getting all my updates due to some stupid facebook policies. It by default shows your updates to only 10% of your fans. So here is what you need to do if you want to be notified of all the fun we have there:

vna fb11

2. For those following via google reader or dashboard:

I’m not sure if you will still get my updates but I suggest you add my blog to your dashboard by following these 2 steps:

Click on the ‘ADD’ on your blogger dashboard and add my blog url ‘vanitynoapologies.com’ into it.

subscribe blog

subscribe blog1

3. You can get email updates of my posts. Don’t worry I’ll not spam your inbox! Just one mail with all the post summaries and links whenever I post. Click HERE to subscribe.

4. There are other options too. Like Twitter (@vanitynoapology) and Pinterest (here). I’m not much active on any other social media other than those mentioned.

So Now What? How I’m finding WordPress?

I had read horror stories of bloggers losing so much of data while migrating. I didn’t loose any post but yeah I’m a 1000 comments poorer now. Please let me know if you find any of my previous links broken or not working. I need feedback whenever that happens! No my blog is not going to look like this forever. I may as well put up a ‘this blog is under construction’ sign! Just need a bit of time to get friendly with all the themes and plugins. It really is techy.

What About the Giveaway?

Alright so I need you to go back to the post and check if your comment is still there. Those who entered via the facebook comment box will need to enter again as you can see that plugin is no longer working. I’m sorry for the trouble but I can’t help it either! And I’ve extended that giveaway till 15th jan since during all the giveaway period my blog was down. The giveaway post is HERE


…..And its Vanity No Apologies’ Second Anniversary today!!

Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah! I’m so surprised that I’ve stuck to something for this long. I usually get bored easily but this seems to defy all those things. This one is real. I think I’m ready for the commitment. Haha! Alright their are some things I truly like and enjoy and VNA is one of them so I’m sticking to it baby ;) Thank you each one of you for always reading my stuff and leaving nice comments (and some not-so-nice comments) and I appreciate all of them. I promise I’m gonna write more thoughtful posts and reviews in the years to come.

Alright speech over.

24 thoughts on “I’ve Moved To WordPress! Updates and Announcements”

  1. You have mentioned that you’ve extended that the giveaway till 15th jan. But if I click the giveaway link for entering the rafflecopter, its showing contest is over. What to do?

  2. Hey Congrats !! Ya did see that u shifted..I used up my space too..using photobucket for now..too scared of the techy stuff on wordpress..though thinking about it from a long time..


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