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Is That Lemonade On Your Nails?

The weekend is here and I’m in no mood to post reviews. So here is a quick post on what I did recently with my nails.

These are fimo fruit sticks on my nails by the way. Have a happy weekend!

PS – I’m leaving for diwali shopping…and you?

11 thoughts on “Is That Lemonade On Your Nails?”

  1. @pnb yeah!! they are these fruit sticks which you can cut in a million peices and paste them on the nails. Will do a tute if you want.

    thanks raksha and zatz!

  2. Hey these are pretty refreshing.
    Hey ,on another note,how did u find bornpretty’s services?like How much time did they take. how good or bad were they product.Have u done a review or can u?Im actually planning to get some major stuff from them.


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