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Introducing The VNA Beauty Contributors: Hall of Fame!!

best indian beauty bloggers

You guys remember I made a call of beauty writers last month here. I’ve got some really bright and smart women who share this space with me now. Any by now you have all seen those fresh new faces on blog. While some are flings that taste good while they last, the others have grown into a full blown romance. So I decided to feature my new romances in the VNA hall of fame! Basically I’m putting up the faces who I would otherwise love to make writers of the month….every month! I’ve listed those 6 women who you see regularly here. You can easily search through their profiles and follow your favourite writer. Click on the contrbutor’s name and you will find all

    the posts by her in one place.

What do you need to do get yourself a place there? Well nothing really. Just stick around for a while and produce quality posts and you might get a mail from me asking for your photograph!

To go to the Contributors page check here. You can also keep track of them by clicking on that cute “contributor” image on the sidebar. I will keep on updating the list.

PS- To join the team and become a contributor here, just mail me at careers(at)vanitynoapologies(dot)com.

8 thoughts on “Introducing The VNA Beauty Contributors: Hall of Fame!!”

  1. Well, that’s another new thing i got to know about :)
    Congrats !! Contributors !!!!

    I hope to be a part of so shooting an email ..


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