Inglot Freedom System Rainbow Eye Shadow 1353: Swatches, Review and EOTD

Inglot Freedom System Satin Rainbow Eye Shadow 1353: Review, Swatches & EOTD

By Contributor: Arshita Dhara

I might be unknown to you guys but I am an old reader and fan of VNA. As I have been more of a mute reader, I will introduce myself now; I am just another makeup addict and spend-thrift when it comes to makeup. I have stepped into this makeup and blogging world recently and got addicted to it. Okay now, moving on to the product I will be reviewing and swatching is one of my favorite eye shadows. It is Freedom System Satin Rainbow Eye Shadow 1353 from Inglot. Unlike the other Inglot eye shadows, this one is quite different as it has three shades of same color in just one refill pan (YAY!). When I saw it for the first time I was like ‘get it now, before someone sees and grabs it!’ Rainbow eye shadows are available in 10 different colors, from shimmers to matte. Honestly, I am not fond    of shimmers, I like matte but as the matte palettes were OOS (as usual! *rolling eyes*), I got the shimmers only.

Inglot Freedom System Rainbow Eye Shadow 1353

My Review:

The freedom system palette has three shades of green, more of sea-green color. From top to bottom the shades are light to dark. This palette is just perfect for beginners like me to create a professional look very easily. The shade are very unique and beautiful. The finish of the eye shadows is much similar to the Inglot AMC range eye shadows i.e. shimmery but these are more metallic.

Swatches of Inglot Rainbow Eye Shadow 1353

The top eye shadow is very light sea green color with a bit yellowish tone. I use this shade on the inside corners and tear ducts. The second eye shadow is metallic sea green shade which I use for the lids. And the last one at the bottom is a dark sea green shade, though this shade is only a few shades darker than the second one. Needless to say, this one is used for the crease and the edges. In the pictures may be they are looking more of blue shades, but they are not actually.

Pigmentation: This eye shadow has the satin feel to it when I touch it with fingers. The color pay off is amazing, it does not need more than two or three swipes to get the nice metallic color on the skin. It does not even need primer under it, but still I use primer to get the exact shade. Also, as I don’t like shimmers, I felt it was too glittery for me. It looks perfect for night make up especially during festivals like Diwali!

Staying Power: The staying power is satisfactory, Inglot never disappoints me. I have oily lids and after using primer this eye shadow stayed intact for 6 hours or more. I did not see any creasing or fading in between those 6 hours. Now, for me, again the shimmers provoked me when removing the makeup. It will not be removed without a makeup remover, the micro glitters are quite stubborn to take off.

Swatch of Inglot Rainbow 1353 in natural light

 My eye makeup look with all the 3 shades in the refill

Inglot Rainbow 1353 EOTD

The Good Points about Inglot Freedom System Rainbow Eye Shadow 1353:

  • Three shades in one refill pan.
  • Nicely pigmented.
  • Stays for a long time even without primer.
  • The pigment feels very soft and satiny.
  • Not harsh to the skin.
  • Cost effective, worth every penny.

The Bad Points about Inglot Rainbow Eye Shadow 1353:

  • It has shimmers, as I don’t like them.
Inglot Rainbow Eye Shadow 1353

Price: Rs. 450

VNA Rating: 4.5/5

Final Verdict: Inglot Freedom System Rainbow Eye Shadow 1353 is a set of 3 pretty green shades. Honestly, I love and trust Inglot blindly. So, apart from the shimmers and glittery part, this is a sheer hit for me. I loved the three shades in one refill concept as well as the super pigmented formula. This teeny weenie palette will be great help for beginners to get nice eye makeup looks.


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