Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow AMC 73 Swatches, Review, EOTD

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow AMC 73 Review Swatches

By Contributor: Rmyah

There was a time when glasses were my best friend. The huge owl frames, the dainty frameless, and everything in between. I had them all. I loathed these glasses with the very core of my being. They used to cover up my only asset in my face…my eyes were masked every single moment because without glasses, I was almost blind. Tried getting contact, but lazy me never had the time to put them on. But the biggest reason I hated those glasses was because they never let me wear the one thing that I loved the most-eye shadows. No matter which color I put on, they used to be completely invisible because of those horrid horrid glasses. The moment I got rid of      glasses permanently, I splurged and splurged and splurged on eye shadows. One of the very first ones I got were the Inglot freedom system eye shadows. Affordable and classy :)

I am a total sucker for purples and reds. I end up going to purples and reds like a moth to a flame. No wonder my first eye shadow from Inglot turned out to be a purple. Freedom System AMC 73 to be more precise.

AMC stands for Advanced Makeup Component. For all those Inglot virgins like me, this means that the eye shadows from AMC areperspiration resistant, contain vitamin E, and are talc-free. The AMC shades are made up of a matte base with fine glitter which rarely are over the top. Standing true to its name, Inglot AMC 73 too is a matte purple base with an abundance of tiny turquoise and purple glitter.

Packaging: Inglot ships all its freedom system eye shadows in a tiny black cardboard box and the eye shadow pan is wrapped in a plastic wrap which earlier were reusable, but shame on Inglot they now have to be opened and thrown away. Inglot freedom system pans are non-magnetic so they have to be kept either in a palette bought from Inglot or in any DIY magnetic palette. I use a DIY since Inglot is oh so expensive. Oh by the way, the square pans contain more eye shadow than the round ones at the same price.

Texture: The AMC range does not show up easily on the eye lids without a primer. I have no idea why but I somehow see the guilty talc staying away from AMC so it could be why it doesn’t stick. But somehow I don’t mind the lesser pigmentation, it means that I can manipulate the shade to my desired depth without ending up looking like a vamp. The color is extremely easy to blend and the pigmentation is buildable.

Staying Power: I have super oily lids and this eyeshadow stays on for about 3 hours before starting to crease and fade. So for a low pigmentation I guess this is a perfectly acceptable time frame for a shadow to crease.

Let’s check the photos and swatches:

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow AMC 73 Review
Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow AMC 73 Review
Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow AMC #73 Review
Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow AMC 73 Swatch


Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow AMC 73 Swatches

 And here is the eye makeup look I did using the purple eyeshadow

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow AMC 73 Swatches EOTD
Eye Makeup using Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow AMC 73 Swatch

The goods:

  • The purple eyeshadow is very versatile and beautiful
  • Affordable range of eye shadows
  • Super blendable shade
  • Shelf life of three years which is great as you won’t easily run out of a pan so fast.
  • Absolutely no fallout. Credit to Inglot for that.
  • Good staying power.

The bads:

  • AMC 73 doesn’t have as much pigmentation as the other AMC shades, not a bad for me…but might be for others.
  • Storage is a big issue. You need a magnetic palette for that.

Price: Rs.350 (Ouchie…Inglot is hiking their prices so much)

VNA Rating: 4/5

VNA Recommendation: Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow AMC 73 is a gorgeous purple shade that will complement the Indian skin tone extremely well and complete any outfit with ease. Great quality at an affordable price. The pigmentation is not that great but you can always use an eye primer for that.

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