Inglot Eye Shadow Review, Swatches: Pearl 438

Review, Swatches, Price, Buy Online Inglot Eye Shadow in shade Pearl 438

By Contributor: Surabhi

I have always loved my neutral eye shadow shades, and prefer copper-toned, gold, or rose-gold shades for festive occasions. Wearing blue eye shadow would have never occurred to me, but here am I, presenting my review and swatches on INGLOT eye shadow Pearl 438, and surprisingly, all I have are praises for this one. If you had always been skeptical about trying a different colour on your eyes, like blue, then this shade shall definitely not let you down. Never could I imagine myself suggesting this, to anyone in this whole, wide world. But guess what- today, I actually would.

“Hii! You know what- I’m so excited for my birthday next month. I have this beautiful, shimmery dress for the party and I want to get experimental with my makeup. What do you suggest as an offbeat eye shadow shade? I have been dying to try something new on my eyes.”

“Oh, that’s a great idea to try something different, especially since it’s your birthday. You can definitely leave all your anxieties behind and go the distance to wear whatever you’d like. You know what, I’ve been really digging this blue shade from Inglot– Pearl 438, and would suggest that you try that out. It’s a beautiful shimmery, shade of blue, and you should definitely give it a shot. “

My Review of Inglot 438:

Texture: The texture is super-smooth & easy to work with. Mix ing this with other shades is definitely like a dream as it blends effortlessly. You can definitely layer this one on, and create a bold shade. However, here I am trying to present a manner in which this colour can be toned down, and made more wearable for everyday looks. That’s mostly because I can totally understand how many get intimidated and apprehensive about wearing a blue eye shadow, especially during daytime.

So here, I havetoned the blue shade down by blending a neutral rose-gold shade with it, and skipping on the dark liner. I have used Mac Expensive Pink here, which has been previously reviewed on VNA by Mily. I focused on depositing the INGLOT on my lids, and mixed Expensive Pink in my eyelid crease to create this look. A generous coat of mascara helped finish the natural, yet spunky daytime look using INGLOT Pearl 438.

Pigmentation: Pigmentation of 438 pearl is definitely what sold this to me. A single, soft swipe gives an outstanding amount of colour on my eyelids. I haven’t tried to layer a lot here, because merely one-two swipes were enough to deliver decent colour.

Further layering will absolutely create a darker shade of blue, if that’s the shade that you’re trying to achieve. Plus, you could even enhance the pigmentation by creating a base with white eyeliner, that’s definitely helpful in increasing the eye shadow coloration.

Longevity: The forgetful person that I am, I didn’t apply an eye primer beforehand. However, in spite of that, this inglot 438 shade stayed on my lids for a good 4 hours. Although I should mention that I do not have particularly oily eyelids, but usually a primer does make the eye shadow stay on much loner than usual. So yes, I’m quite exhilarated by it’s staying power.


Packaging: The packaging is in fact quite sturdy & cute. I love the transparent lid, which helps in easy identification of the colour. Plus, it’s a screw-on lid and hence, it stays in place. Travel-friendly design always gets thumbs up from me.

Good-points about Inglot Eye Shadow Pearl 438:

  • The pigmentation is beyond amazing. Just one swipe gives striking colour to my eyes.
  • There isn’t any fallout from these eye-shadows.
  • No creasing and no fading.
  • There’s so much of product in the pan that I don’t think I’m ever going to run out of this product. The quantity given is really good.
  • Quite reasonable price tag.
  • Impressive staying power of 4 hours, without using a primer.
  • Travel-friendly & sturdy packaging
  • Claims to be paraben free & not have been tested on animals, which is always a good thing.

Not-so-good-points about Inglot Eye Shadow Pearl 438:

  • Not everyone would like to wear blue eye shadows.
  • I’m nitpicking here, but I wish that the lid was attached the pan, so that it won’t fall down & get lost. I know, only clumsy me can do that- but heyy, I like my pan to have their lids attached.

Price in India: Rs.650

VNA Rating: 4.8/5

Where to Buy Online in India:

In a nut-shell: Blue eye shadows usually end up looking over-the-top, so finding one, which can be easily worn, is not an easy task. Which is why if you’d been looking for a beautiful, wearable shade of Blue, this has to be your best bet. Tone it down with neutral shade for daytime wear, or amp up the beauty by creating a lovely shimmery, smoky eye using this- there are endless possibilities. I loved wearing this & trust me, so will you.

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