Inglot AMC Face and Body Illuminator 61 and 63: Reviews and Swatches

Inglot AMC Face and Body Illuminator 61 and 63 Reviews and Swatches

By Contributor: Shreya Jain

Have you ever looked at a celeb and thought, ‘Oh my god! Her skin looks so dewy and glowing!’ and tried a gazillion ways to achieve the same, all in vain? I was like you till I got these Inglot highlighters! Inglot AMC face and body illuminator helps you achieve glowing dewy skin within seconds. AMC stands for Advanced Makeup Components, as Inglot is a professional makeup company. It comes in 8 shades. It is paraben free too! Yay for safer makeup! Today I would be doing a comparative review and swatch on shades #61 and #63 and which one to buy! First let’s talk about the common factors about the body illuminators and then move on to the comparison.


Inglot AMC Face and Body Illuminators Review 61 and 63


Inglot 61 is a white illuminator developed specifically to highlight the highpoints of your face and body.

Inglot 63 on the other hand is a soft pink almost flesh toned illuminator which can be used as a soft blush or bronzer as well.


Both the illuminators are highly pigmented and have an amazing colour payoff, but because this is a comparative review, 61 scores here slightly over 63 due to its snow white colour.

Blending ability:

Because of its stark white colour, 61 becomes a little more difficult to blend in and look natural.

63 on the other hand blends in more easily to look as natural as possible.


Both the illuminators come in a sturdy glass bottle with a pump, which I like! The glass does make it a little heavy but anything for glowing skin right?

Quantity required:

You just need the smallest dot of all times with this product, tiny miny drop and you’re good to go!


Texture of both the illuminators as you can see, is of a thick liquidy consistency which makes is easier to blend.

inglot amc face and body illuminator swatches #61 #63



I would recommend applying 61 with a buffing brush to blend it more easily only on the high points of the face like cheekbones and nose bridge for an illuminated effect. It can also be applied all over face beneath the foundation for an all over glow- effect *secret tip!*

63 can be easily applied with fingers on your cheekbones and cheeks. Also you can mix it with your foundation for the dew-y look *another secret tip*

inglot amc face and body illuminator swatches #61 #63 blended

Recommended skin tone:

61 can look a little too white for darker skin tones, but would compliment fairer skin tones in a very flattering way.

63 is a universal shade, as it can be used as a liquid blush too! And as an illuminator 63 looks lovely on Indian skin tones as it is a flesh coloured illuminator.

Pros of Inglot AMC Face and Body Illuminator 61 and 63:

  • Liquid highlighters which are easy to blend and look more natural.
  • The quantity you get is awesome and one bottle will last forever.
  • A small quantity is required each time.
  • Pump dispenser can control the quantity you get each time.
  • #61 can be used on fair to medium skin tones for highlighting the cheekbones.
  • #63 will work nicely on dark and olive skin tones as a highlighter or as a blush and bronzer.

Cons of Inglot AMC Face and Body Illuminator 61 and 63:

  • Pricey!
inglot amc face and body illuminator review

Price: I bought #61 a while back and it cost me Rs900, Inglot however has revised their rates and #63 cost me Rs 1350, which is their new price.  *sad puppy face*

Quantity: 15 ml, it sounds a little, but trust me it will last a lifetime!

VNA Rating: 4.5/5

Final Verdict: Inglot AMC Face and Body Illuminator 61 and 63 are liquid highlighters which are easy to blend and look natural. I would recommend buying shade number 63 as it is more versatile and is an better option for Indian skin tones. In the end I would like to say my skin now has a happily ever after, Rs 1350 well spent *wink*

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