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Indian Bridal Photo Diaries: The Dusky Bride

Here is a little series starting. Since the wedding season is on and we get to see so many beautiful brides around this time, I will try clicking a few pictures to put up here. I’ve a wedding invite for tonight….hmm so let’s see.

beautiful indian brides photos

To kick off the series, I’m featuring a bride from my own family. She is a distant cousin and got married a couple of years ago…..I still remember dancing with her on our elder sister’s wedding..you know all the fun the bridesmaids have starting from the ribbon cutting

(the custom where we let the groom in only after he cuts the red ribbon for which he has to pay a hefty bribe to the bridesmaids!) to the joota-chhupai (where we hide the groom’s shoes while he is busy in return of a hefty amount (again!) when he has to leave). Nowadays the groom’s friends play smarter and bring an extra pair of shoes for the groom!

No matter how much I criticize the big faaat punjabi Indian weddings, they are a lot of fun.

Coming back to the post, I don’t remember much about the bride’s outfit and makeup but I’m SO glad she didn’t turn up ghostly white. I’m so loving the dusky glow she is excluding and the makeup is kept all radiant with golds, browns and a lot of highlighting. I’m not a jewelry junkie but have to admit that the gold jewelry really compliments the dusky Indian complexion. Also the necklace is oooh-so-Jodha-Akbar kinds. Love it. I’ve already talked about here


What do you think about the whole look? I’m loving it.

9 thoughts on “Indian Bridal Photo Diaries: The Dusky Bride”

  1. LOVE the highlighting and the eye makeup..soo much!! I went for a trial recently and she thopofied some powder highlighter in yellow and I didnt like it at all!!! She kept insisting that liquid highlighter would look wet on long standing so in two minds now…what dyu think?

  2. She has nicely bronzed her face, dusky beauties always otherwise foundation soo lighter thn their skin tone and tht looks soooo bad! I really loved the pic!

  3. Awesome post Ansh. :) loving her look a lot. The makeup, the lehenga the jewellary everything is perfect. :)


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