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I Had a Chat With MAC Artist Vimi Joshi

I had this small chat with MAC makeup artist Vimi Joshi last night. I like her name a lot. May be because my mom’s name is ‘Vimmi’. My grandmother named her daughters ‘Vimmi’ and ‘Simmi’…they rhyme! I almost asked her if she had a sister named ‘Simmi’. Moving on to the chat, I copy pasted it for you.

Ansh: Hi Vimi!
Vimi: Hi Ansh, how are you?
Ansh: I’m good. Lately, I’m into no makeup looks. What lipstick/lipgloss do you recommend for my medium Indian skin tone?
Vimi: Fill in your lips with Cork lip pencil by MAC. It looks really natural on its own.
Ansh: Thank you! I’ll try that next time. Also, what blush and eyeshadow do you recommend for day time looks?
Vimi: I like to use MAC Amber Lights on my eyes andĀ Coppertone powder blush for cheeks, gives a natural flush.
Ansh: Thank you so much Vimi for your suggestions!
Vimi: It was nice talking to you Ansh.

So, I’m definitely checking out the cork pencil next, really want to master the no-makeup look.

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6 thoughts on “I Had a Chat With MAC Artist Vimi Joshi”

  1. Aha! So a pencil, an eye shadow and a blush. A complete kitty on its own. The questions you asked Ansh were really helpful
    And the chance to chat with Vimi is really once in a while opportunity.
    Btw, isn’t Mickey Contractor working with MAC anymore?

  2. You know what? I have already taken that route for natural looking lips… filling in them with a lip penvil by Mylon. I guess. But Thanks for your chat hun. certainly I’ll be giving a shot to cork too.


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