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How To Spot The Fake Skin79 BB Cream?

How to spot fake Skin 79 BB Cream?
Nothing pisses you more than eagerly waiting for a package of Skin 79 BB cream in the mail only to find it isn’t that great as you thought it to be. But you have read rave reviews on the internet. So how come its just not working for you? And Bam! The reality strikes and you figure out that the “deal” you got on ebay was not really a deal and you have been cheated. So before I review the Skin 79 BB Cream, I thought I will give you a heads up and tell you a few pointers to spot the difference between the two.
Let’s start with the box first
The original box has got instructions in English.
Whereas the fake one has Chinese instructions printed on it.
There is a large circle on top of the box around “Super+ Beblesh Balm” on the real cover.
The fake one has a very small circle which is not noticeable.

There is a bar-code and manufacture date along with the expiry date on the real BB cream box .
The fake one has only the expiry date mentioned.
The original box has no spelling mistakes.
The fake box has “functions” printed as “fungtions”. The “UV Protecting” has no space and is written as “UVProtecting”.
The original box has this dotted line at the back where you can rip open the box.
The fake box has no such line.
The original box has instructions written in 4 languages inside the box – English, Japanses, Chinese and Korean.
The fake box has only Skin79 logo printed inside.
The original box has the bar-code only at the base and not at the back.
The fake box has the bar-code printed at the back.
Now you have got enough pointers but still we will go forward and now comes the bottle.
The original bottle is smaller in size and the nozzle on it is smaller too, may be around 3mm.
The fake bottle is larger in size and the nozzle length is around 5mm.
The original bottle has manufacturing date written at the base.
The fake bottle has it written at the back and not at the base.
 The original bottle has Skin79 written at the bottom.
The fake bottle has it written slightly above the base.
The BB cream sticker on the original bottle reflects light and shines when you look at the bottle from different angles.
There is no such effect on the fake bottle.
The Skin 79 logo on the original bottle reflects light and shines when you look at the bottle from different angles.
There is no such effect on the fake bottle.
The base of the original bottle is pink.
And the fake bottle has got silver base.
There is an authenticity label on the original bottle.
And of course no such label on the fake bottle

So now think twice before ordering a Skin 79 online. Only buy from authentic sellers. And steer clear of the sellers who are selling them at throw away prices. I will be coming up with a few more posts for gold label, orange label (yes they have an orange label too!), etc.

Have you ever been cheated? I once got a fake MAC (click to read the post) but then I didn’t even know what MAC was!
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