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How To – Get Rid Of The Gross Taste and Smell After Vomiting

How To – Get Rid Of The Gross Taste and Smell After Vomiting
Guest Post by Shruti
You are all aware of that awefull taste and smell after you puke. Its not only irritating to you but the others around you as well. You don’t want people maintaining a safe distance of at least 10 miles after you vomit. Its not only rude but makes you feel even worse after vomiting. But the truth is nobody can be around you until you stop stinking. So here is a very useful post on how to get rid off that smell after you throw up, everybody needs this kind of help…come on!

vomiting causes abdominal pain

STEP 1: Take a hot shower or steam bath. The steam will help unclog your nose and mouth from the little vomit that still may be there.

STEP 2: Take some tissues and blow your nose to get that last traces of vomit out after the steam has unclogged it.

STEP 3: Gargle, gargle and gargle. First with water then later with a strong flavored mouthwash.

STEP 4: Drink something like cranberry juice which will help get the awe-full taste out of your mouth. Or you can have some ginger and lime juice mixed with honey. If you have been throwing up with drinking as well, then don’t drink anything.

STEP 5: If you feel dehydration, then have some electrolyte drink.

STEP 6: Chew on a mint gum to get the last traces of that taste out of your mouth.

I hope these steps help you feel better, as they do to me! That was a gross post but I had to write it!

About the Guest Writer:

Shruti is mostly a silent reader here but occasionally comes out and surprise us with such useful DIY lessons. Its always a pleasure to read her unusual posts!

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