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How To Fake That Snow: 5 Fun D.I.Y Christmas Ideas and Decorations

I have always wanted at-least one white Christmas in my life. So if Santa asks me for one wish, I know what to ask for. But till the time Mr.Santa is busy with our western counterparts, I have a few plans to turn my home into a la-la land!
I bet you didn’t know that Epsom salt looks a lot like snow. Well then you need to see the wonders it can do. From creating fake window frosting to icy snow balls, from snow candles to decorations for your Christmas tree, it can do all.

Home-Made Window Frosting


This is one of my all time favourite tricks. If you don’t have those icy frost window panes..you can create one!
Boil 2 cups water and bring it a boil. Slowly add a cup of epsom salt until it is dissolved completely. Then add 3tbsp liquid dish soap and allow the solution to cool. Now start with a clean window and go wild! Using a paint brush or tissue, paint the solution on the window using a sweeping or stippling motion. For bigger crystals, apply a thick layer and vice versa.

Here is another way to do it..specially for who love their bottle of beer!
Dissolve 4 heaping tablespoons of Epsom salts in 1 cup of beer. The mixture will foam up, so make sure that the bowl is deep enough to contain the chemical reaction. Allow it sit for 30min at room temperature. And apply on the windows like we did in the above method.

Now once the season gets over, wipe off with a cloth. See easy peasy!

Snowy Shimmer Candles

Just paint some Mod Podge (or just ordinary glue mixed with a few drops of water if you don’t have that) with a brush on the candle. Now take a pan full of epsom salt and roll the candle in it.

roll the candle in epsom salt
Results in a snowy c andle which looks even prettier when lighted!
Artificial Snow Balls

Take some epsom salt in a bowl and add a drop of food coloring, preferably blue to give it an icy cold effect.
Now take a styrofoam or ordinary foam  ball and brush a generous amount of mod podge (or ordinary glue mixed with a few drops of water) on it. Now hold the ball with a folk and roll the ball in the bowl full of epsom salt. Leave them overnight to dry completely. And voila your fake snow balls are ready!

snow man using epsom salt!
Enchanting Light Bulbs

Now the same tricks goes with these pretty light bulbs as well. Just paint the mod podge or glue on them and roll them in a pan of epsom salt. Allow them to dry or seal with a clear sealer spray if you have. Light these up and see how the crystals illuminate.

Christmas Mason Jars


Well this one is the easiest to make..even your 3yr old can do this. Simply put some epsom salt in a Chrustmas mason jar and then add a candle. And you are done!

And now…Epsom salt in its full glory
Also in my last post, I showed you How to create snowy Christmas nails?.
And that was my little Christmas secret.
Any Christmas tricks you want to spill?