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How to: DIY Strobing Highlighter Makeup Tutorial on Indian Skin


Makeup Tutorial: How to do Strobing Makeup Step by Step, Contouring vs Strobing DIY

Hey ladies, up for a beautiful glowing face? Why not! The tutorial I am going to share with you all is going to turn you into a Hollywood star! No, I’m kidding but this tutorial is going to give you a glowing Hollywood red carpet makeup look or at least a youthful, dewy skin. The technique is called STROBING. You might have read the word Strobing a lot of times now and would have been wondering what exactly is it about, in simpler terms? So let me share with you all what strobing is about and step by step makeup tutorial on how to get this look without looking like a disco ball. I will also show you how Strobing is different from contouring and highlighting.


We all love red carpet looks with actresses glowing like angels. They look flawless, don’t they? Leaving us thinking that they look like that because they spend probably thousands on their skin and beauty treatments BUT..that’s not the whole truth now. The truth is we all can get that kind of look with a little trick!

WHAT IS STROBE MAKEUP? Difference between Contouring and Strobing?

Strobe means a flash, like the flash of a camera or a strobe light in nightclubs. Now imagine standing under a strobe..all the high points of your face shall reflect light or in simpler terms, glow! That’s it! That is what we try to achieve in this technique. So basically strobing is HIGHLIGHTING . Highlighting but without a touch of contouring; means forget about the model like sculpted face, and welcome natural looking dewy face. To make it even more easier, refer to the picture above and see the difference between contouring & highlighting and strobing.

You’ll need a clean and well moisturised face. Prep it with the primer best suited for your skin. Now follow the step by step method below:


Makeup Tutorial on Strobing for Glowing Skin:

Step 1: Apply a thin layer of your foundation and cover any blemishes, patches, under eye circles etc. with the concealer. Remember to keep it all natural. Powder your face just where you really need, where your face tends to produce more oil, like on your T-zone, apples of your cheeks, chin, to set your concealer etc. and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Load your brush (fan brush is best suited for this purpose but if you don’t have, use a fluffy small brush) with a highlighter (illuminator) and start applying a careful layer on the following parts of your face:

  1. Cheek bone and temples
  2. High parts of your forehead
  3. Browbone
  4. Inner eye
  5. Length of your nose
  6. Cupid’s bow
  7. High of your chin


Step 3: Fill your brows with a suitable brown colour and pair this look with nude or light brown eyeshadow, hint of very thin eyeliner, mascara, natural looking pink blusher, subtle shade of pink/nude/coral satin finish lipstick.

Makeup Products Required for Strobing you Face:

I am using light brown shadow from my Make Up Academy’s pretty pastels eyeshadow palette, Maybelline the colossal liner in black, Maybelline the colossal volume express mascara, light pink blusher from my miss Claire palette and MAC lipstick in shade yash.

I am using MAC prep & prime skin base visage, Bobbi brown’s bb cream, MAC conceal and correct palette, MAC soft and gentle mineralise skin finish highlighter for this method.


You are done strobing! Wasn’t that super easy? Trust me the results are awesome! You can see the difference by this before and after photo of me with and without strobing.

TRICKS to keep in Mind For Strobing Makeup:

  1. You can use either, a powder or cream based highlighter.
  2. The shade of your highlighter should be in sync with your natural skin shade. For example; a cream highlighter for a very fair skin, golden for wheatish, bronze for darker skin tones.
  3. Face makeup is always supposed to look natural, unless you are over-doing it on purpose.
  4. Take a minute to see where your face reflects light and put the highlighter on those areas.
  5. Try not to highlight acne; you’ll not like the result if you did.


Strobing is vogue. Beside a contoured face (which I think, will never get old), you’ll see quite a lot of celebrities sporting this look. Well now that you know how to glow like them, you shall look nothing less than a celebrity yourself!

By Contributor: Meher

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