How to: DIY Sea Salt Spray for Beach Hair Recipe

DIY Recipe: How to make your Sea Salt Spray for Textured Beach Hair at Home

By Contributor: Kulsum

This is my first post on VNA and I thought of coming up with something we all loveeee! Dont we all have a strong hankering for those tousled wild flowing beach-waves like those of Jennifer Lopez and Kate Hudson ! But what do we do to get that gorgeously sultry texturizing beach hair look? Buy a super expensive sea salt hairspray from Toni & Guy? Or A Bumble and Bumble? What if I tell that your dream sea salt hairspray is just 10 minutes away that too without burning a hole in your pocket! And all you need is take a little peek into the kitchen! A DIY sea salt  hairspray

also saves your hair from harsh heat appliances. Let’s look at the recipe and ingredients.

Another Best part is that is not loaded with chemicals or damages your hair unlike the hairsprays you buy.
Here is a tiny list of the ingredients used in the sea salt spray.

Ingredients: Aloe Vera gel 1tbsp, Sea Salt 2Tbsp, Coconut/ Moroccan Oil 1Tsp, Essential oil is optional (Orange or mint or whatever u prefer), Conditioner, Warm Water

What else you will need- A spray bottle, A hair band.

A spray bottle:

Take any spray bottle and wash it thoroughly with a hand wash or shampoo. You off course don’t want the spray to smell weird.  I had an old empty Collin bottle at home and washed it thoroughly with a shampoo. Next I wanted to give it a little tropical touch so I painted it bluish green with a hint of golden. You can either keep it simple or play a little creative with paints and stickers! Lets have a little talk about the ingredients that we have used.

Aloe Vera in Beach Hair Spray:

We all are pretty familiar with this wonder plant. Known for its medicinal and healing quality. Also when it comes to skin and hair treatments Aloe Vera is unbeatable . Still I would tell how Aloe Vera helps in the process. Aloe kicks in just  the exact amount of moisture , softness and shine to hair thus preventing it from damage. I have a couple of Aloe Vera Plants in our kitchen and I never miss a chance to steal some of its gel either it comes to making a face mask with it or a hair mask.

Coconut / Moroccan Oil in Sea Salt Spray:

Coconut oil moisturizes the hair and  prevents the frizz. Remember we want beach waves not untidy and crispy ones. I used Coconut oil because I just finished with the Moroccan one. Moroccan oil works best actually! Not only for this recipe but otherwise too. It’s also called the Liquid Gold of Morocco! Girls with oily scalp would just adore it! I sort of have super oily scalp (Sobs) Moroccan oil  is light and won’t weigh down your hair so you can flaunt that wild mane without making it look oily or limpy. So pleeaaseeee use Moroccan oil to achieve a perfect gleamy finishing touch for this look!

Sea Salt for the Spray:

This is the most important ingredient and I tell you why. Sea salt gives a perfect texture and define the waves! It enhances the hairstyle and gives a proper hold. I had some sea salt in the kitchen, So I took about two tbsp and grinded it in a very fine powder. We definitely don’t want any lumps or huge particles to settle down in the bottle and spoil the look.

Conditioner/ Cologne/Orange Extract as other ingredients in the Hair Spray:

I used my Schwarzkopf conditioner but in the previous hairspray I used orange essence just to give it a tropical, fresh balmy fragrance. Orange essence gave it a subtle fruity fragrance which just complimented the beach hair. This time I wanted to try something new so I diluted the conditioner!

How to make the Sea Salt Spray using the ingredients:

After collecting the ingredients it time to make the spray. Take a glass jar and add 2 cups of lukewarm water. You can take any container to mix the ingredients, One tbsp aloe Vera gel , Two tbsp sea salt, one tsp moroccan oil. Mix mix mix. Squirt two to three sprays of cologne or five drop of your favourite essence. Shake well. If you are using conditioner then add one tsp. Mix again till all the ingredients are infused thoroughly.  Voilaaaaaa!! Thats just it! (Dances on my toes)

Instructions on using the sea salt spray on your hair:

  • Always use the sea salt spray on damp hair. It works THE BEST on damp hair . All you need to do is untangle your hair, dampen them and give them four to five squirts on your hair . There are two methods to get soft natural waves!
  • You can scrunch a couple of times and lightly blow dry OR Make two buns on either side of your head. Allow them to dry. Open them once they are dried up and flip your hair to the right and then to left.
  • Throw back, you can either style them in an updo or flaunt flowing free tresses’ Dab a bit of coral gloss and you are done. And do Pout for a sultry selfie!
  • You can refrigerate the Sea Salt spray to make it last longer. And yes don’t forget to shake  well  the spray before use.

I prepared some DIY sweet Vanilla lip scrub yesterday to get a nice cute  sexy pout for a fresh beach look next time! Let me know if you want a DIY recipe on that too.

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How do you make your sea salt spray at home? Share your reviews with us.

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