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Secret Tip Of The Day Vol.18

stuffy nose

I’ve this ‘No Secrets’ policy on blog. That means I will share about every damn beauty or fashion secret I know about! I have a warehouse full of such tips secrets and would keep posting them here often so you all can benefit from them. All of them are tried and tested. And if you have

got any secrets to spill then please don’t hesitate and share in the comments. And yeah remember: shhhhh..keep it between us only.

Today’s tip is very winter specific. How many of you hate that cold which just takes forever to go away and makes your life miserable? I know. So here is a quick tip to clear a stuffy or blocked nose. Push your tongue against the top of your mouth and place your finger between your eyebrows. Now apply some pressure. Do that for about half a minute and your nose will start draining!! A friend told me about the tip long time back and I just remembered. Waiting for the winters to use the tip!

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