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How To Choose Your Natural Blush in 10 seconds Flat?

right blush

I often see girls walking around in the scariest of blushes. Not the intensity but the colour. Not everybody can carry every bloody single blush out there!

So how do you which blush colour flatters you the most? Well like those DIY pregnancy tests, this one can be done at home too (whaaat? did i really say that!


Just pinch your cheeks for a second till you see some colour there. The natural flushed-shade is the colour you want to opt for. There. Done. Isn’t it easier than those pregnancy tests then? (I don’t know okay…just…just FYI!)

My natural blush is to my surprise a muted rose pink. Being dusky I always thought it was apricot. But well..you know…err..cheeks don’t lie! I got myself a blush in a similar shade called Lakme Day Blushes and the rest is history.

Do try it out. If your cheeks don’t answer then try your fingers tips. Just pinch them for a second and see what colour they get. In my case, my hands and face are way different in terms of colour (I sometime feel they are someone else’s hands

) so I went for the cheeks test. Let me know what colour you get.

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