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How to Bleach Your Face at Home? Correct Method and Tips


How to Use Bleach Cream on Face, Steps, Natural Bleaches

Bleach creams are known to be extremely effective when it comes to lightening facial hair. It is one of the most popular beauty treatments across the world for skin whitening. Bleaching is quick, easy, hassle free and comes with long lasting effects. A lot of easy to use facial bleaching cream kits are available in India at affordable prices. They are available in various variants to use suit different skin types like Diamond bleach, gold bleach, pearl bleach, silver bleach and fruit bleach. Brands like Fem, Oxyglow, VLCC, etc are very popular. You can get it done at the beauty parlours but with our busy schedule, often we have to bleach our skin quickly at home using these facial kits. This post will tell you the correct method of doing it and some natural bleaches available in your kitchen with natural ingredients.

For facial hair, either go for bleach or laser treatment. Anything else will create havoc. Do not, ever, wax your face at home. A special kind of wax, known as katori (Bowl) wax, is available. However, it tends to darken the skin after prolonged usage. For hair elsewhere, waxing is definitely a great option. I would prefer it any day, anytime over epilators and razors. Epilators and razors make your skin harsh and hair growth becomes blunt. I am not stating this because I am biased, but out of my experiences. Probably, you’ll have to wait for a book recounting my experiences with facial hair removal!

There are a lot of bleach creams available in the market. There are a few basic ones and then the fancy ones complete with the kits. There are bleach kits available in India like Diamond Bleach, Oxygen Bleach, Gold Bleach etc. which aim to improve the tone of your skin apart from bleaching your facial hair.

Who Should Bleach The Skin?

I will list down some important reasons why you should bleach your skin. If your needs are in sync, then go for a bleach at home.

  • If your face is full of hair
  • If your face absorbs oily very easily
  • If you have to encounter pollution every day
  • If your face is tanned
  • If your skin is patchy and full of pigments
  • If your face has open pores

Depending upon your skin type, choose bleach which suits you well.

How to Select The Best Bleach for Your Face:

  • Oil based Bleach; it is available in the form of crystals and hence is best for dry skin.
  • Powder based Bleach; it contains bleaching powder, ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. It should be used only if your skin has dark patches and pigments.
  • Milk Bleach; for sensitive skin only.
  • Soap flakes bleach; the bleach comes in the form of soap and is ideal for oily skin.
  • Aloe Vera Bleach; is ideal for wrinkles and sagging skin type.
  • Oxy Bleach; is ideal for pale and dull skin.

Now, select your bleach for face. You have two ways to go about it. Either, ask a beautician to accomplish the task. Or, apply bleach yourself. Application of bleach is not difficult at all. There are a lot of tutorials on youtube and articles available to help you out. Since you have chosen me, I will try to simplify the process and tell you the correct method of bleaching your skin quickly and easily.

Before getting on to the task of applying bleach, you need to perform a patch test. Apply the bleach after mixing the ingredients in proportion, as mentioned on the bottle or label, on your elbow. If you feel allergic and develop rashes, then do not apply the bleach at all. Now, that your skin has permitted you, please start with the process of bleaching.

Method of How to apply Bleach cream on the face:

  1. Wash your face with cold water. Use a mild face wash.
  2. Some home kits come with pre bleach cream, if you have one then apply it on face.
  3. Prepare your bleaching cream mixture using the activator and powder. Do not leave it. Use immediately. Do not prepare the bleach before.
  4. Apply the bleach all over your face in the direction of hair growth.
  5. Apply a heavy layer of bleach on your cheeks, forehead and neck.
  6. Do not apply bleach under your eyes at all. Keep it away from nostrils. Apply a slim layer above the lips.
  7. Leave it for approximately fifteen minutes. Wash your face afterwards with cold water in case of extreme summers. Otherwise, using normal tap water only. Do not use lukewarm/hot water at all.
  8. Follow all the instruction mentioned on the label.
  9. Gold and Diamond bleaches also have an extra face pack for neutralizing the irritation. Its called post bleaching cream. Apply that pack on your face.
  10. In case you are using ordinary bleach and do not have that extra pouch of face pack for peace, I will give a great formula. Mix one teaspoon of Fuller’s earth (Multani Mitti), Rose water and one tea spoon of Sandalwood powder and apply this on your face. You can use either Fuller’s Earth or Sandalwood powder as well with Rose water.
  11. You can also apply a mild moisturizer as bleach is supposed to dry your skin.

Beauty Tips to Keep in Mind After Bleaching Your Skin at Home:

There are some don’t associated with this process as well.

  1. Do not step out in the sun immediately after bleaching your skin.
  2. Do not go for a facial session immediately. If you have to do both together, bleach your face first and then go for facial. No bleaching after facial.
  3. Do not face heat in any form for at least three to four hours. Avoid cooking.
  4. Do not apply any toner on your face after bleaching.
  5. Do not bleach if you have lasered your face.
  6. Do not bleach very often. Keep a gap of atleast a month.
  7. Do not keep the bleach on facefor more than fifteen minutes on your face.
  8. Do not, ever, bleach your face if you are pregnant or breast feed.

Best Homemade Natural Bleaches for Face at Home:

You must be wondering if there is an alternative to chemical bleaches in the market. Yes, the natural home made bleaches. Try these natural skin bleaching agents for skin whitening and skin lightening. The effects might not be instantaneous, but they are long lasting and harmless. They don’t have any side effects. Here are some of the best natural bleaches for face available in your kitchen:

1. Lemon Juice and Honey Bleaching Pack

Mix one table spoon of honey and lemon and apply it on your face for twenty minutes. After using this bleach mixture every week, you will notice the difference after three weeks or so. Avoid it if your skin is extremely oily. Avoid this facial treatment during harsh summers.

2. Natural Bleaching Agents: Tomato Pulp and Lemon Juice

Use the pulp of tomato. Add one teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply it on your face. Wash your face after fifteen minutes. You are all set for that event now. Lemon is the best natural bleaching agent out there and it can lighten your facial hair at home.

3. Bleach with Turmeric and Lemon Juice

Mix in a bowl, half teaspoon of Turmeric and two tablespoons of Lemon Juice. Apply for ten minutes, and wash your face with normal water. Use cleansing milk afterwards to clean your face. Milk will absorb the yellow color quickly.

4. Wheat Flour Bleach

I always wondered about my Aunt’s flawless and beautiful hands. She told me that she has to knead the dough for chapattis every morning, hence the hands are fair. I applied wheat flour, mixed with water on my face. Trust me, my blemishes reduced considerably. Go for it. You can try it on your hands, feet as well. A great natural bleach for skin whitening for sure.

Now you know you to bleach your skin at home. If you have any new tip handy, do share it soon! Bleaching in moderation is fine. Doing it on a weekly basis will cause a lot of trouble for you. In case your skin has pigmentation and dark spots in excess, avoid bleaching completely. You can consult a Dermatologist or try using any of these home based bleaches.

A word of advice. Avoid bleaching until you are twenty five. After we cross this landmark, skin starts degenerating of its own. Hence we need to work harder. Skin, after reaching twenty five, is matured and capable enough to handle a lot of wear and tear repair methods. I did not bleach before I reached twenty seven though. I hope this article serves as your quick reference guide for facial bleaching.

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