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How to Be Little Dead Riding Hood for Halloween?

You will need:

  • White/black skirt and top or dress, tights and red/black shoes.
  • Red cape or red blanket and pin.Dark eye make up, talcum powder and dark lipstick.
  • Fake blood and twigs.
  • Basket.
  1. Find the proper clothes. The most imp ortant part of any costume is your clothes. Going on the basis of the traditional Red Riding Hood, find a black skirt and white top, or a white/black dress. These should be cheaply bought or secondhand, because they won’t be wearable again. You should also find a red cape, or you can easily make one from a blanket or sheet. Find some red or black shoes, too; preferably high heels.
  2. Tear your clothing up. To make the costume look like Red Riding Hood was mauled by old Wolf, you’ll need to rip and tear your skirt/dress, shirt, and cape. Try rubbing a few handfuls of dirt on, creasing and generally ruining the costume! Instead of using real dirt, use coffee to make crisp whites look old and worn.
  3. Give your stockings that beat up look. Either wear fishnet tights or ripped black tights. Dirty up the knees, too.
  4. Really ‘horrify’ your hair. An important part of the look will be your hair and make up. Deep condition your hair, roughly blow dry and tease your hair madly in all directions. Cover in a good quality hair spray. Poke a few twigs in to look like you were in a scuffle – a bit of dirt smeared in the ends would add to the effect.
  5. Do your face up right. Your face should be deathly pale, with dark, smudged lip stick and heavily lined eyes. Try patting talcum powder on, and smudging your eye make up before it’s dried. Liquid eyeliner will really make your eyes stand out.
  6. Smudge some dirt or brown make up around your hairline, and if you can, create some bruising.
  7. Carry a basket lined with red material: preferably a broken/snapped wicker basket.
Now go and scare even the wolf!

Halloween Idea: Horrify Your Hair

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