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How My College Dressed Up For Halloween! Demons Rule!

halloween shoot
craziest Halloween photoshoot ever

Here comes my most well timed post ever! Its been almost a fortnight since Halloween and here I’m (no I did write a Halloween nail art post last week). The thing is I forgot to charge my camera tat day and these photos were taken my a friend so just got my hands on them or maybe 8 days ago.

It all started on a random whatsapp discussion that we will ask everyone to turn up in black from tip to toe. Believe me even that was difficult so anything more than that wouldn’t have worked! I even planned of gothic eye makeup, orange lips

, pale face but sanity prevailed. I didn’t expect much of enthusiasm but boy all of
them surprised me. Almost half of the Mba batch was all black. I didn’t have a cool blact Tshirt so stole my brother’s Metallica Tshirt which I got him from ebay. My other 2 friends wore their bro’s Tshirts too! Can you tell I’m wearing trousers and not jeans….nobody could.

So after college all the dark people stayed back for photos. Have a look!

Oh wait you recognize me right? New readers I’m the one on the extreme left in the below photo. Yes the one with those blood thirsty eyes.

blood thirsty
give me your blaaahhddd

You see the girl on extreme right? That’s San. You must have seen her outfits on Starlets On The Streets. Yes I know you couldn’t imagine her like this.

scary girls
the EYES!

For the left photo we were trying the torch below our chin thing but didn’t work!

spooky nails
Spooky nails

Yes we did our nails too. While the other two did some spooky nail art, I went for the neon green effect. No they don’t glow in the dark…..how I wish! I’ve written a separate post on that ghostly nail art .

3 witches
scariest 3 witches ever
That’s my favourite photograph!!
slipknot outfit
Slipknot Tshirt

This guy Tanuj is a BIG time Slipknot fan. He keeps sending me their Youtube links which I never watch! But that Tshirt was something. Every lecturer that day did a double take.

halloween fun
dressed up in black
sikh costume
angels and demons
Angel and Demons

While we all were clad in black this guy Jappi went one step ahead and turned up as an angel. Even his turban and shoes were white. Good to see people actually took all that Halloween stuff seriously!

demon girls
the all black girls gang

The girlies! You see that girl with the bird’s eye view, she was carrying a Lady Gaga tote!

Their are hundreds of picture but that’s it for now! So that was how my college showed the spirit considering some of them had presentations that day! What about you? Did anything interesting that day?

7 thoughts on “How My College Dressed Up For Halloween! Demons Rule!”

  1. Hey Ansh, you look so pretty :) I liked the ‘all black’ dress code!
    And..Lovely concept! I remember when i was in junior college, we used to have rose day, pink day and other such stuff which was fun & we had dress codes too!
    Now I miss college :'(

  2. wow, It just reminded me of my crazy college day… I miss my friends so much for all this stupid stuff… :-*


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