Henna Hair Pack Recipe with Eggs: Step by Step Tutorial

Tutorial: How to make Henna Hair Pack at Home for Grey and Thin Hair

By Contributor: Naela

Hello ladies today I am going to talk about a hair mask for your hair which will cause an end to your hair troubles. The texture of my hair is fine, they are not thick because I have pin straight hair. But each strand of my hair is thin so my hair lacks volume. I wanted to get some layers in my hair to add some bounce but my hair stylist said they would look even thinner due to it. So that day I decided to improve the condition of my hair and my mom came to my rescue. She suggested me the age old henna and egg mixture recipe. I also use shikakai, methi and curd to make this henna hair pack at home. I will step by step show you the tutorial and ingredients so you can easily DIY it in your kitchen using natural and chemical free products.

One can use this henna hair mask to combat various hair problems which everyone has (almost everyone and those who don’t, I envy you). This hair mask can have help with the following issues: hair fall, hair graying, dandruff, it acts as an excellent conditioner, helps in hair growth, gives a natural shine to your hair, gives a protein rich treatment, nourishes your hair roots, will not strip your hair of natural oils, adds bounce to your hair. What else do you need to give your hair the love it needs? Let’s look at the ingredients required from your kitchen.

Ingredients you need for the henna hair pack:

1: Henna (the magical ingredient) – 2tbsp

2: Egg – 1

3: Curd -1tbsp

4: Shikakai powder-1tbsp

5: Methi powder-1tbsp

Step by step Henna Pack Tutorial:

Step 1: Take 2 tbsp of henna, 1 tbsp of methi powder and 1 tbsp of shikakai powder and mix them well.

Step 2: Now soak this henna, methi, shikakai mixture overnight.

Step 3: Then in the morning add 1 tbsp of curd and 1 egg to the henna paste. Mix everything together. You can alter the quantity of ingredients based on the length of your hair.

Step 4: Apply the henna mixture evenly on your hair as well from root to tip and cover it with a plastic cap/shower cap so that the mask is absorbed properly by your hair and doesn’t create a mess.

Step 5: Keep it for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Then wash your hair properly touching carefully massaging the roots so that no mask remains. Remember to not wash your hair with hot water or else the egg will cook in your hair itself!


It has tons of vitamins like C &D which are important for the health of your hair. It has nicotinic acid which nourishes the scalp for hair growth, Good amount of proteins which smoothens the cuticle and provides smoother hair.

1) Henna:  It makes your hair glossy, healthy and voluminous. It gives life back to your damaged hair and restores the ph of your scalp. It is an excellent conditioner and makes your hair thick and strong.

2) Egg: Egg is composed of protein so are your hair. It helps in hair growth, strong hair as well as conditioning your hair. It helps to rebuild damaged hair.

3) Curd: It is protein rich and can help deal with hair loss. It makes hair shiny and smooth and acts as a conditioner for your hair.

4) Shikakai powder: It wont strip your hair of natural oils as it is low in ph. It prevents dandruff and strengthens hair roots as well as nourishes the hair.

5) Methi powder: It helps to prevent hair loss and promotes new hair growth. It also conditions and moisturizes your hair.

I have been using this hair mask for about 2 months and love it. It has gradually helped my hair and has made my hair longer and smoother. It gives a shine to my hair and helps tame the frizz. This also helps in faster hair growth.  Try this mask once a week and you will see a difference in the health of your hair. Do tell me if it worked for you as well.

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  • Home remedies are best, only they are time consuming. but we can always find time for ourselves :)

  • hi.. nice diy.. should we wash off this henna pack with a shampoo or just by water because pack itself contains shikakai... other question is ahould we apply oil next day and wash with shampoo..?

  • using natural ingredients r the best way to pamper hair & skin at home.... nice review... very less money with no harmful chemicals... thank u for sharing this with all of us...

  • Nice DIY. I have jet black hair. Doesn't applying henna make hair slightly brownish?

  • My Mumma suggests me this D-I-Y But being lazy, I end up buying a ready-made mask for my hair ! :D
    After having read this, I think Mumma is RIGHT !! I should try this for my hair.

  • Hi, I've recently started a blog on Jugaad for everyday life in India. Could some of you take a look and give me your feedback? I'm a newbie at blogging so any suggestions/comments most welcome. Thanks a ton

  • umm hmm.. ur hair post wash looks beautiful and what a shine !!!
    so , made up my mind to finally give some time for hair as well coz more we nurture, more they will make us look prettier I guess..n who doesn't love those thick , shiny and soft tresses :D <3

  • Hi! i Wan't to use this but i have one problem...
    i wan't black hair but it make hair colord so what can i do???

    • Hi Nisha, use this tips, it gives u dark brunette colour, its looks good than black..
      This henna and coffee mixture provides a gorgeous dark brunette colour to your hair and is excellent for covering all the grey hair. Boil a mixture of coffee and water for a few minutes then add the mixture to henna powder and stir to make a thick paste. Section your hair and apply the paste evenly along the length. Leave it for 3-4 hours and wash it with a mild shampoo and lukewarm water.


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