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Help Me Choose a Skagen: One For Me and Other For You!

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Skagen Watches for Girls – Mint and Rose Gold

Its no secret that I’m very generous (serious face). Sach mei! You don’t believe me? I will show you today. Not one but two proofs of my big heart. Here is how:

1. You pick a watch for me (when a girls asks your opinion AND actually uses it – then you are special)

2. When a girl gives away something for free what she secretly wants to keep.

Fair enough?


skagen watches in india online

The Skagen team asked me to choose two watches from their latest spring collection and sent them over. One for me to keep as a gift and another for one totally vain and not apologetic girl aka you girls! Naturally I picked the best two. And now I’m royally confused. I should never have picked one for you girls myself. The more options a girl gets..the more it confuses her already stuffed brain.

skagen watches for girls online fashion blog review

I love them both so much. You know I wanted a big dial rose gold watch for myself after watching all those pinterest boards filled with arm candy stuff. I hear Rose Gold. Period.

Whereas mint is mint and nothing can come close to it. And I can live in mints and pastels all summer. So much that I kept my blog theme to mint last year. Plus the leather straps are more my style.

skagen watches in india

I’m not touching the watches until I decide. So the faster it is the better! Its taking a lot of my will power these days.

skagen rose gold mint watch reviews

So girls help me out here. Tell me which one should I keep for myself and which one would you like to keep? You can comment below and let me more. Or if you are one of those girls who don’t tell even the colour of your lehenga or saree to even your friends before the big day then mail me secretly. And yes you can get selfish. Choose the best for yourself and I will ask Sailor (ahem!) to gift me the other.

skagen big dial watches for girls

Its not a giveaway post. I will announce the giveaway officially in a couple of days after you have decided. Now think!

Just so you know..my family is rooting for rose gold. You?

50 thoughts on “Help Me Choose a Skagen: One For Me and Other For You!”

  1. Girl go for the rose gold one :) it’s so pretty :) and u won’t believe I was just looking at d same brand few days back planning to buy a white one ;) seriously rose gold is my pick for u :)

  2. Hey Anshita ,Both the watches are super gorgy !! I love them both though personal favi is Rose Gold .Mint as well looks fresh n can be mixed n matched with so many outfits woowww!! I m royally confused .

    Sticking to my 1st love i.e Rose Gold ..done :).

  3. Hi Anshita..
    I totally loved both the watches but for you I would suggest that u go for mint one as it speaks ur age and is quite funky…so wil b good for ur college n all..
    I love the rose one too and would like to have that B-) :-)

  4. Hmmmm tough choice… :-p its rose gold 4 u…. coz chances of winning r less n it’s better 4 u to have it dan nebody else… hehehe

  5. JUST bought a rose gold watch so the mint one for me :P BTW you have to see that rose gold watch Anshita….i am head over heels in love with it…should i mail you? i bought it from my salary so extra special :D

  6. Anshita I personally lovee rose gold watches, I just crave for them. knowing that I may have 0.1% chances of winning LOL :P I would still say you should keep the rose gold watch as it will go with anything and everything <3 xoxo..

  7. Ya..ROSE GOLD!! all the way..its a classy peice and you can wear all year around and dress up and down accordingly stacking up with bracelets or wearing alone.Goes well with traditional and office outfits.Its the new trend,even though the teal coloured is in,its kinda a spring colour to me.
    il definetly choose the ROSE GOLD one!
    Well thats my opinion :)

  8. Hi Anshita,I first saw the pics on FB without even noticing you were planning to give one away & i was like Rose Gold’s Gorgeous but so is Mint. One is all season & other such a summery color perfect for months ahead. Frankly I cant choose. If I were u, I’d keep them both probably but then since u have to give away one, close ur eyes & pick the first u see for your self (I see mint green though I think I’d probably use rose gold more later) or do inky pinky ponky. I guess we girls will love either one anyways :)

  9. Hey!!!!!!!

    Give me the rose gold and keep the mint!!! ;)

    Haha!!! They both look awesome but yeah mint is very summerish and rose-gold is classic!!
    So, I would suggest keep both and ask Skagen people to show some generosity ..:P send u few more so that u become more generous and giveaway!!!!!!!! :D

    PS: I love your blog!!!!!!!!!! Love the makeup and ur awesome posts!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My first ever comment!!!!!!!! :)

    —Love Monika

  10. Definitely keep the rose gold one… its gorgeous. The mint is pretty but the rose gold is in a class by itself.

  11. Rose gold any day.. Though mint is amazing and a great distraction ;)
    But the rose gold is a classic… Mint’s usage would be restricted to just a few dresses or ocassions.. But a rose gold you can use any day with almost anything..

  12. I think you should keep the Mint one for yourself. Leather straps are so young and hip! and it’s an awesome bright accessory, will spruce up any outfit :)

  13. Keep Rose Gold it is fab. my cousin has a similar one and man does she rock it! It really looks cool and mint for me as I am more comfortable with plain Jane kind of things ;)

  14. Hi Anshita,
    Keep the mint! The colour is soooooooooo summer-y!!! I finally picked a sea-green/blue one recently, so keep the mint! ;)
    N m thoroughly lusting over the rose gold! :D <3

  15. both are amazing I have been eyeing them since forever now, rose gold is def classy but then mint is def more summery and will suit ur age and ur young and vibrant personaility better :))

  16. Heyy Anshita,

    Both of them are superchic :* n rose gold is my fav toooo..i mean its ROSE GOLD!!!!!
    But out of two of them..i like the mint one more. I think you should pick that 1 for urself. It s ubercool and will look fab on casual wear

  17. Ahh my my i am drooling over the mint one.. Gimme gimme the minty one n keep the rose gold for urself.. One speaks class and the other shouts chique gorgeousness. Both are real beauties :)

  18. both are super cool….i wud hav gone mad if got to choose betwen tos to cuties ….my eyes twinkles wen i look at d rose gold one…my eyes pops out wen i look at d mint one… think u shud keep the gold its something tat goes in every season and trends..i wud like to hav both haha…anyway jus gimme mint :*

  19. Hey,
    Since you mentioned u like leather straps am assuming u might be having loads of it already. So, this decision is quite easy. Giveaway the type u have always liked to use and keep the rose gold one which you wouldn’t buy otherwise! Who knows, u might just end up developing a liking for metals in future!!!

  20. Both the watches are super lovely. The Rose Gold is definatily on the Classy Side , so go for it if you don’t have any watch in that range. Mint is funky, which is good for any day. Whatever you choose, the readers will be happy to get the other one, as both of them are really good.
    NishaMishraSingh recently posted

  21. The gold one looks so classy and royal. ..perfect to go with any dress style and of any color. ..just wear it and you are all set to go. ..wonderful and very pretty


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