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Hello from Goa!!


Oh yes! If you follow me on my social media then you must have known that I came to goa for this weekend. Its my first time here and one of the biggest reasons I accepted the invitation by Blogadda team and Tata Motors. You know me..shy shy..so I sorta give a lot of blogger meets a miss but this one..just couldn’t refuse. Tata has launched a new sedan called Zest which they would be launch ing in the market shortly so they invited select bloggers from India to spoil them at the Zuri White Sand Resort and Casino in goa and experience the awesomeness before anybody else does. Oh btw you do know I won the Best Beauty Blogger Award by Blogadda back in February..now I wish I should have gone there as well.


Here is a shot just before the zest drive. The blue are the petrol ones and the creamy golden ones are diesel. There were 10 of each and we got to drive both of them. So my partners were Nitika and Sushmita.


Here is a closer look


And here we gooooooo!


Can you believe it was 10 in the morning? The goa weather is so unpredictable. Driving on goan roads is..well unlike anything you have experienced in Delhi! Big shout out to goa drivers who are so calm and easy.


And that’s your truly playing matchy matchy with the Zest colour scheme.


We had a pit stop totake some selfies (ofcourse!) and enjoy the rich weather. Nitika drove a car after a long time and boy she was scared! And so was I sitting beside her (pun intended). She drove the automated model with such ease. Beginners this is what you need if you are learning. To quote her “dude its so easy that it beats my activa!” Truly I am amazed how smooth the drive was. I’m no expert but I quite enjoyed the ease. Trust me I don’t get gears and stuff most of the times!


Shoe selfie! Anyway the leg room is nice if you have really long legs.


And then it started raining! I’ve got a flight to catch so will be updating you on everything in s couple of days. Also pardon the picture quality. Will be postingnbetter pics soon.

21 thoughts on “Hello from Goa!!”

  1. Wohooo enjoy goa and driving ;)

    by the way i have written a email for u as i want to write for your blog plz check :)

  2. Looks like alot of fun! I am 17 and I can’t drive but this looks like a nice car!
    btw have you ever watched that cadbury shubhaaramb ad ”excuse me,kya aap apne cadbury ka bite denge” (this was is like 4 years old!) you look just like that girl, everytime I look at ur selfies I think ”arey who does she remind me of!!” and today I saw the ad and was like ”ooooh this girl!”
    hehe ^_^


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