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Halloween Wish List 2012

horror list
My Halloween specal wish list

Oh yes why not! I know we don’t do much on Halloween here in India but who cares? I just made a short and totally random wishlist for Halloween this year:

1. Horror DVDs: If you read this space regularly then you know how much I enjoy freaking out! I’ve seen loads of scary ghost movies and plan to do more now. If you want any recommendations then check out the Friday 13th special post I wrote a while back: My favourite horror movies


2. Black lipstick: yes!! I’ve always wanted a black lipstick and going to get one this weekend. So that means…..a halloween special post is on the cards!

3. Pirate eye patch: As if vampires and wizards were not enough, I’ve fallen in love with pirates too. And badly want something piratey. Eye patch? Skull flag?
Btw this reminds me, have you ever tried the pirates language on facebook? Must try!! Just change your language preferences to English(pirate) at the footer and see the magic.

4. Fangs: Vampire fangs. How can I not add them? I dream of a blood thirsty handsome dude-ish vampire thirsty for my blaahhddd

5. Hidden treasure: buried somewhere beyond the 7 seas. I wish not to get but seek it. Aye aye!!

6. Black cat: Me wearing a pearl necklace walking down the staircase of a royal palace somewhere in the woods with this furry black cat in my arm….lightly stroking her with my blood soaked red nails…..

7. Fake eye lashes: not just the ordinary fake ones but dramatically fake long feathery mutli-coloured swarovski studded lashes. Tell me if it didn’t scare you away. No don’t block me please! Read my post on fake lashes

8. Pumpkins: the traditional Halloween thing. But tell me why the cute orange pumpkins and Halloween are related? Orange is such a pretty colour, why associate it with spooky stuff?

What do you have to say about my wishlist? Tell me yours!

3 thoughts on “Halloween Wish List 2012”

  1. I can totally relate to your wishlist although I’ve never tried fake eyelashes! I can see you doing the Red Lip & the black lipstick! Man, black lip, it’ll make you look so Gothic! Omg yes.. Do a goth tutorial or make up post! Halloween ke liye :P Pleaaase?


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