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6 Hair Trends You Would Like to Try in 2013

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The aam janta doesn’t need a specialist or guru to tell them what’s in and what’s out. If you get a little more attentive, you can predict the trends yourself. Look at the latest runway models, fashion magazines and movies and you can get an idea what the following year would be full of. If everything fails, raid the pinterest boards and you will sure find something. I rely on Pinterest more than google images! So here is my take on what the

hottest and expected hair trends are:

1. DIY Buns: You don’t need a DIY youtube tutorial to tell you how to achieve that bun. Just do it mindlessly. Maybe on your way to college or office. Just don’t spend much time on it. And there you have your messy, loose, low bun ready!

2. Hair scarfs: I’ve done a full post on bohemian hairstyles. Headbands or hairscarfs, just use them to¬†accessorize¬†your hair. I hate headbands….the bows and butterflies and flowers..uggh! So hair scarfs it is!

3. Dual Texture: Not dual colour, that’s passe. Now comes dual texture. Something like straight till the nape and curly at the bottom. Or straight and crimped. Wavy and straight. Anything.

4. Sweeping Fringe: Hair fringes never go out of fashion. The only question that remains is: straight or side? So side fringe for 2013. Yaayy mystery solved.

5. Knotted ponytail: Ponytails can be low, twisted, french, fishtail. Just add a simple knot at the nape of the neck and you are done.

6. Beehives: Beehives are back! I love everything 70s and retro. This is my favourite style. I love the left parted beehive! If beehives scare you then maybe a simple puff will do.

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