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Givenchy Le Rouge Lipstick Croisiere Fuchsia 309: Review and Swatches

Givenchy Croisiere Fuchsia 309 Le Rouge Lipstick review swatches blog

Le rouge Givenchy Review 309 Croisiere Fuchsia Lipstick

By Contributor: Aditi

How are your present summer-monsoon-fall mix days going on? Well for me, let me be true to you, normally I’m a jumping jack but I d on’t know what has happened to me but the whole of august I was down like a slugging sloth..don’t really wanna do anything. Infact even writing this review seems like climbing the alps in 5 inches of heels. But I love VNA to the length that it doesn’t matter. Let me tell you guys who is the new bad boy in town. Yeah I’m talking about my Givenchy lipstick that I just got my hands on in the shade Croisiere Fuchsia. And which I so intensely love that I’m gonna swatch and review for the VNA girls today.

Givenchy Croisiere Fuchsia 309 Le Rouge Lipstick review

My Review:

Well lets take a minute to awe about this classy uber luxurious faux leather packaging. Don’t judge me but I bought this Givenchy lipstick just for the packaging without having even seen swatches online. Well to my surprise the shade turned out pretty girly and cute. The packaging feels so luxurious and heavy, heavier than my YSL Orange Impertinent lipstick.

Givenchy Croisiere Fuchsia 309 Le Rouge Lipstick review swatches india

Givenchy 309 is a pretty mauve color with strong purple undertones. Looks more lilac and much lighter on the lips than in the tube. In the tube it appears really dark and mature but on the lips its more girly and I love the shade.

For the texture, generally the lipsticks from this Le Rouge line or this particular collection are supposed to be matte but I don’t really find it truly matte. Its super duper creamy, creamier than any MAC lipstick and the texture feels really thin which I love. But even though it is very creamy it doesn’t bleed neither does it have a lot of shine. It has adequate amount of sheen to make lips look soft and supple.

Givenchy Croisiere Fuchsia 309 Le Rouge Lipstick review swatches

Also it does have a pretty mild fragrance which somewhat is like that of a shampoo (weird but pleasant) unlike my Dior lipstick that is fragrance free and my YSL one that has an awful chemical smell.

Givenchy Croisiere Fuchsia 309 Le Rouge Lipstick review lip swatches


Swatches in natural light

Givenchy Croisiere Fuchsia 309 Le Rouge Lipstick review lip swatch


This is how it looks on my Indian skin

Givenchy Croisiere Fuchsia 309 Le Rouge Lipstick review swatches fotd

PROS of Givenchy Le Rouge Lipstick Croisiere Fuchsia:

  • The packaging for sure. It spells luxury
  • The texture..creamy and light
  • The lilac color which can really be worn everyday and if u feel to work also
  • The fragrance which is mild and goes after a couple of seconds post application
  • Not very sure but can also be a pretty cheek color too. I tried it by dabbing 2 dots on the cheeks and blending. Looked pretty (disclaimer: I’m not a blush person at all but I liked it)

CONS of Givenchy Le Rouge Lipstick 309:

  • Staying power. Because its very creamy it withers out pretty soon and easily.
  • The quantity. Just see the size of the bullet..sooo small, not really satisfied
  • Some people may find it a con but I don’t, the first swipe is a little sheer to properly hide pigmented lips
  • The price..eh Givenchy giving the faux packaging and such less amount of actual product would not really lure people to pay 2000 bucks for it (dhishkyaon)

Givenchy Croisiere Fuchsia 309 Le Rouge Lipstick reviews

Price: Rs.2000

VNA Rating: 3/5

12 thoughts on “Givenchy Le Rouge Lipstick Croisiere Fuchsia 309: Review and Swatches”

  1. Your lips looks like the ones in the magazines! You are so pretty!!
    I won’t spend all that money for such a tiny amount of lipstick ( even though i never manage to finish up one), I would find a dupe.

    • Well yeah agreed.. the amount is too less
      Bt as I said it was an indulgence..
      Seriously it’s hard to resist wen u see the white leather tube
      Also thanx a ton for the comment that my lips look like the one in magazines
      No one ever complemented my lips ever
      Also this shade how it appears on the lips its hard to find a dupe for

  2. Yeah right lisha.. even im not attracted to mauve or colors like this.. but on the lips ot looks fairly girly..
    I lole the purple that shows up.
    Anyway the packagung was what buggwd me to get this baby

  3. I love the clicks Shanaya.. the lip swatch is so barbie :D

    I have one but with Black leather ^_^

    Lovely shade and yeah the quantity is much less considering the price. :(

  4. I never really pick up lilac shades as they dont suit indian skintones that much but i am surprised at how good it looks on you :D


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