Gillette Venus Subscribe to Smooth Challenge: Day 30 + Experience

Day 30 of Gillette Venus Subscribe to Smooth Challenge: My experience with Gillette Venus Razor, Catridges, Shaving Gel

Till over a year ago, when I was a university student, my friends and I thought our schedule could never get more hectic than it was at that time, so we religiously followed the skin “marammat” Sunday rule where everything from exfoliation to pampering, to a hair removal ritual etc was done without fail on Sundays. I have been using the gillette venus shaving razor for women for a month now and its time to share the review with you along with other things I have noticed.

When I started working, the first myth that was busted was that fact that life could really get hectic even after those laborious university days of never ending genome-investigation projects. And Sundays ceased to be the “marammat” days for all of us and simply became “please don’t wake me up and I have nothing to do with all of humanity today” days! This is when I started taking up shaving as a more frequent alternative to a more conventional hair removal method that I was accustomed to before.

Shaving was quick, convenient and painless (if I hadn’t managed to bleed myself to death with multiple nicks all over). It was a life saver on certain days, be it for a dip in the pool with the friends or a quick dress up for a lunch or a coffee. Shaving was at times a saviour that made sure I did not end up looking like a zombie with a desk job, much to my mom’s displease that was seethed in ideas like “it causes hair darkening, and leads to coarse hair” etc. especially when she saw a few Band-aids straying over my legs due to my extreme lack of patience.

After having used a variety of razors that were mostly use and throw, I finally settled on Gillette Venus and am going to stick to it forever.

A word of caution here: if you are shifting from another brand or another type of razor, just figure out how the new one feels while holding and while using. Its best to exert caution while you figure out the best way to use it on your skin for the first time as razors differ in designs, blade sharpness, placement and angle of the blades (They are blades after all, right?! So just be cautious till you get the hang of it!)

Brand equity: Turns out that Forbes listed Gillette as one of the most valuable brands around. Gillette’s line of razors and personal care products became a part of Procter & Gamble in 2005 and now controls 70% of the market when it comes to razors. And their pivoting razor heads are really a huge hit as it increases contact with skin and has been used in the Venus range also.

30 Days and fully into Gillette Venus:

So, to show my support for Gillette Venus, I took the Subscribe to Smooth Challenge and have been documenting all my experiences in detail. I have dug deep into the history of shaving and have found quite a few interesting facts about shaving which include the fact that women used it as a method of hair removal in ancient Egypt. Apart from that, other amazing facts include the method of dermaplaning or the use of specifically designed female razors on facial skin for deep exfoliation and hair removal!

I also tackled and busted a number of generic myths when it came to shaving that include the fact that the hair does not grow thicker and darker, razors need not be use and throw and hence, are a very convenient and cost effective method of hair removal. Lastly, skin does not feel dry, flaky, dull, dark or parched, nor does it cause any darkening of the skin.

Also, like I had noted earlier, the ergonomic design and movable head makes it fit in to the contours (like the back of knees) with ease and is very easy and efficient to work with. Furthermore, because you can hold the razor and work with it in a better way, it does not require too much of manoeuvring and pressure and the end result is clean and smooth. It certainly does not traumatise the skin but I’ve noticed from my personal experience that when the blades are fresh and new, even the lightest of touch can get the job done and as the blades age, they do not get dull but are much more comfortable to use.

Price of Gillette Venus Razor: Rs.199

Price of Gillette Venus Shaving gel for sensitive skin: Rs.225 for 195g

Price of Gillette Venus (set of 2 cartridges): Rs.275

In case you haven’t tried out Venus yet and have used some other female razor and did not have a great experience due to cuts and scratches, you could try this one and you will definitely see a marked difference in usage and experience. And like I have already mentioned before, if you do not go for shaving as a go-to hair removal method, you could try out Venus and be impressed!

By Contributor: Ananya

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  • I haven't used the shaving gel.....I love the gillette razors...will love to try the gel...:) :)

  • I prefer shaving over waxing and other methods just because of this Razor!! Will try the gel also :) :)
    Thanks for the review.

  • I choose shaving any given day over waxing or any other treatments. Nicely written.


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