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Gillette Venus Razor Subscribe to Smooth Challenge: Day 40


Review, Price, Buy Online Gillette Venus Razor: Subscribe To Smooth Challenge Day 40

So I took the Gillette Subscribe to Smooth challenge 40 days ago and it has been an incredible learning process. At the start, I did a bit of digging in to the history of shaving and also shared my detailed experience while using the Gillette Venus women razor in the other posts of this series. I also detailed when shaving became a mainstream hair-removal ritual for women (This dates back to the period between 1915-1945 for western women) while it actually started as a hair removal method for women in ancient Greece and Egypt!

In the final post of the 40 day “subscribe to smooth” challenge, I will be dealing with everything you need to know about shaving. I have already covered the major myths that are linked to shaving in my previous posts in this series, so do check them out as well.


How to shave with Gillette Venus Women Razor:

Well, this seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? But, in reality it is associated with a lot of skill and precision. Some razors like Gillette Venus make the process a lot more smoother than its run of the mill counterparts. With multiple blades, and moisturising strip, it prevents a drag on the skin thereby reducing skin inflammations that might result in nicks and burns.

Also it has a triangular section to put your index finger thereby leveraging itself better and allowing balance and maneuverability. The movable pivot head allows the blades to move in a manner that accommodates your feminine curves. You will find neither of these functional design aspects in any typical female razor.

The ergonomic design makes it infinitely easy for you to shave. And all you have to do is, smother on some shaving gel, conditioner (or aloe vera gel) on your moistened skin and work away effortlessly with the razor. One or two clean stokes are enough for clearing over a section of the skin depending upon the age of the blade. But do not apply pressure on the skin as it will make the skin collect under the blades causing cuts and burns. Also, you can stretch the part of the skin you are shaving to make it taut. Then wash off the area, and apply a soothing oil or unperfumed lotion. Stay away from men’s aftershave lotions as it will cause your skin to sting terribly.

Shaving Tips and what to use after shaving

Here are some tips that are actually the holy grail of a perfect and smooth shave.

  • Exfoliate your skin before shaving: this will cause any ingrown hair to loosen up and also clear the hair follicles of dirt and oil.
  • Step in to a warm bath: No not step in to a hot bath, it might irritate the skin. A warm bath opens up the pores and makes it easier for the razor to work.
  • Moisturise the skin ad condition the hair if you happen to have coarser, thicker hair quality. You can use a conditioner or a shaving gel like the ones from Gillette. They work like a charm!
  • Pat dry your skin after washing and apply something soothing. Stay away from excessively perfumed stuff or moisture stripping alcohol based products to prevent the skin from drying up and getting irritated. Use a mild lotion like Calamine or Cetaphil or a Vitamin E containing body oil or even a baby oil. Also stay away from men’s aftershave products.


Why I do not like Hair Removal creams:

Now, it’s time for me to compare this with another, convenient go-to quick and painless method of hair removal, using hair removal creams. I have used hair removal creams from 3-4 different brands and each differed slightly from the others.

What I find most off-putting about this option is the nauseating smell of chemicals though some of them are neatly camouflaged by other fragrances, I find them messy and it makes me bite my nails as I read and re-read the dozens “do not” and how to use instructions. Some like “do not keep for more than 5 minutes” makes me keep my eyes glued to the watch all the while. I generally use it on a small portion so that it is easier to wash off within the stipulated time and this makes the whole process painstakingly slow and nauseating. And all that chemicals reacting with my skin makes my head spin!

It is known that hair removal creams though a convenient option as it does not cause pain, is laden with chemicals that are designed to actually disintegrate and melt the hair shafts. So failing to the follow the general 3-6 minute rule can actually cause chemical burns as the chemical starts to disintegrate the skin as well. It can also cause other sorts of sensitivity and skin irritations for some people. Furthermore, its also not very effective for people with coarser hair and they might need to reply the creams over and over for results and have to use them more frequently.

Talking about longevity, it might afford one more day compared to shaving but when it comes to the actual cost of usage, it is not very economical if you have to use it regularly. It also leaves the skin smelling odd and you have to try and cover it up with sprays and lotions.


How often do I shave? Why Shaving often causes no harm:

Coming back to the topic of shaving as a convenient method of hair removal, there is no hard and fast rule as to how much you can shave or need to shave. I have read that for some women who use this method as their usual hair removal method might shave everyday and some shave a few times a week. And for some, once a week or once every two weeks might be enough.

This really depends on your hormones and your genetics. And also, like I have pointed out before as well, shaving does not cause new hair follicles to sprout on your skin. It also does not cause hair darkening. The primary stubbles are the base of the hair that has been cut at an angle. If you use a well designed, ergonomic razor like the Gillette Venus, you can get a closer, more precise shave and keep the stubbly bits banished for longer! You can try it out and see and take up the challenge for yourself.

Price of Gillette Venus Razor: Rs.199

Price of Gillette Venus Shaving gel for sensitive skin: Rs.225 for 195g

Price of Gillette Venus (set of 2 cartridges): Rs.275

By Contributor: Ananya

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