Gillette Venus Delhi Event: Subscribe To Smooth Challenge, FAQs

Gillette Venus Launch Event and Taking up the SubscribetoSmooth Challenge

By Contributor: Ananya

In case you are curious to know when women took up shaving, let me tell you, there is a popular lore that Cleopatra used this method as an effective tool of hair removal! Shaving took off and became and ritualistic affair for women. It was during the 1920s when women in the developed world started changing their fashions and women’s revolutionary movements were taking a stronghold. Moving on to more recent times, Gillette Venus recently held an event in Delhi where renowned aesthetic physician Dr. Rashmi Shetty and Make-up artist Namrata Soni highlighted the various benefits of shaving and its effectiveness as a method of hair removal.

Later it started gaining so much popularity, that screen legends like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Tailor used specifically designed razors to remove the fine, downy and fur-like hair that grows on the face to have that spectacular glossy skin on screen!

Gillette Venus Claims: A revolutionary product, Gillette Venus gives an ultra-close shave for a smoother skin with its three curve hugging blades feature. Its contour non-slip handle is designed especially for women for great grip and control even in wet and soapy environments. Venus razors also have an indicator lubricator strip with Aloe and Vitamin E which fade when you are no longer getting the optimal Venus experience. Satin Care shave gel when used along with Gillette Venus helps women look fantastic for important occasions and make them feel confident. Along with hair and makeup, a smooth and radiant skin completes the perfect look. Used by women worldwide, Gillette Venus and Satin Care shave gel encourages women to ‘Reveal the Goddess in Them’ and feel more feminine and beautiful after the Venus experience.

Gillette Venus with the following advanced features:

  • Three curve-hugging blades for a flawless finish with virtually no missed hair

  • Protective cushions that gently glide over skin for a smooth and comfortable hair removal experience

  • A contoured non-slip handle that is designed to fit perfectly in a woman’s hand thereby providing great control even in the shower

  • Gillette Venus razors are inbuilt with natural ingredients like Aloe and Vitamin E that leave the skin soft and smooth

Addressing concerns and sharing her knowledge and expertise, Dr. Rashmi Shetty said, “I am pleased to be part of this educative session, where I can interact with the audience and break the age old myths around shaving

for women. Many of whom I have interacted with believe that shaving will make their skin become darker or that their hair would grow faster and thicker which is why they refrain from it. However, in reality hair growth is determined by one’s genetic and hormonal makeup. I am confident that from platforms like these we will be able to bust such myths and impart knowledge about how shaving doesn’t cause any harm to the skin.”

The delightful Kriti Sanon, while describing her own experience with Gillette Venus, said, “Basis my personal experience, I can confidently say that the Gillette Venus products are skin friendly and are perfectly designed to suit every women’s needs. I thoroughly believe that shaving is the best way of hair removal as it’s the most convenient and hassle free of all the methods. Women simply need to know the right technique of shaving to get the best results.”

And according to Namrata Soni, “Contrary to the belief, shaving is actually one of the widely recommended method of hair removal for women. It helps in maintaining the health of the skin by keeping it soft, smooth and in exfoliating the skin, as well. As a matter of fact, shaving must become a part of every woman’s regular beauty regime. Gillette Venus razors not only give the ease and convenience of shaving, but also is the safest method of hair removal”.

The session continued as the audience and panel members discussed their experiences and the scientific know-how when it comes to shaving with specifically designed razors like Gillette Venus.

The ergonomic design of the razor makes it very easy to work with. The contours fit in to your palm well as you work with it on your skin. It does not require any pressure and the process is smooth, easy and clean. You do not need to glide over the same area twice if you are using it for your legs as one swipe is enough to remove the unwanted hair. It does not traumatise the skin or cause you pain and you certainly do not need to pop in a painkiller like some of us might prefer before a dreaded waxing session! Also, there are no nicks, cuts and burns if you handle it gently and glide it over smoothly and patiently.

Before Venus, I have had some horrible experiences with a few feminine razors that did not remove the hair on gentle application and a slight pressure caused a lot of cuts and scratches. If you have used other razors before, you can see the stark differences and the uber smoothness that Venus leaves. If you do not go for shaving as a go-to hair removal method, you could try out Venus and be impressed!

I took up the 40 day ‘smooth challenge’ and will be on a myth busting spree when it comes to hair removal process and using razors. Meanwhile, you can share some of the questions you might have regarding the usage of razors for the hair removal process and I will cover try to cover them in the subsequent posts!

Price of Gillette Venus Razor: Rs.199

Price of Gillette Venus Shaving gel for sensitive skin: Rs.225 for 195g

Price of Gillette Venus (set of 2 cartridges): Rs.275

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  • I never get waxed..shave is the way to go for me..waxing just need a lot of time commitment, that I have black of :P

  • I am allergic to parlour waxing processes! So shaving comes as a savior!
    Currently using this Gilette venus range...Really good products and safe to use as well :)

  • Shaving does seem better than waxing. More cost effective, less time consuming and no pain!

  • I have been using this since over an year & its great except that the results are not "smooth" can get razor bumps.

  • seems interesting!!! it's time I try this and the yes perfectly said,waxing is too much of a time commitment!!!

  • Razor is best way than waxing. Cost effective, time consuming and no pain also smooth skin.
    Gillette Venus and Satin Care shave gel is as true and mentioned.


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