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How To Get Rid Of Under Eye Dark Circles – Reader Query

Hey.. Due 2 college stress n xams have dark circles.. plz temme of sum effective home remedies 2 eliminate dem..For d tyme bein plz lemme now how 2 conceal them with maybelline dream lumi concealer. also have a lakme concealer.. plz help” – Fariyal

I can totally relate to this. And so can all the teenage and school’college girls. We all need to burn the midnight oil during exams and your face starts showing it in no time. Since your problem is not very stubborn and serious, these simple home remedies should work.

1. Use Aroma Magic under eye cream. I’ve read some really good reviews on it (not used personally though). Apply it every night before going to bed and you should start seeing the results in a few weeks.
2. Dehydration causes dark circles. Keep your water and other fluids intake high.
3. Massage castor oil or almond oil on the dark circles lightly with your ring finger. It will take time but the results will show. Infact use your ring finger to apply any kind of cream or oil on your eyes since it applies the least amount of pressure.
4. You could also use potato juice, cucumber juice on the dark circles every night. Or cut these veggies and put the slices on your eyes.
And till the time these treatments work, you can use some makeup to hide those eye bags. As you said you ave the Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch concealer and a Lakme concealer.
Well just apply tiny dots of these concealers on the dark circles and dab it with your ring finger. Don’t blend, pull or tug just use the “tap tap” motion for a minute and t will blend in. See if you need more of it or leave if the circles are covered. Also just make sure you use the right shade or it will look ashy.
Other concealers in the market you can use:
1. Garnier tinted eye roll on
3. Inglot under eye concealer
4. Mac Select Cover concealer (its expensive but I’m just listing out the good options)
5. L’Oreal Infallible stick concealer (read my review on it)

Also take proper 7-8hrs of sleep and stay happy. SRK once said “acchi acchi dikhogi toh accha accha hoga“!

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  1. Am using Garnier roll on…it suits me pretty well in concealing the dark circles (though I don’t hv much of ’em)


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