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Fun In The Sun With Kyra

We don’t like summers and there is no running away from the fact. So instead of cribbing, let’s celebrate summers. Did I tell you my friend Kyra is visiting me this summer? Well…I know what you did last summer Kyra. Played some beach volleyball and got a horrible tan? Tch..tch..don’t you read my blog?

Apply loads and loads of Lakme sunscreen this time to enjoy your time in the sun. We Indians don’t get that golden skin when we tan instead we turn coffee brown! And now when are fully armed with our magic lotion, lets try some water “sport”.

We could surf our way to glory…only if you would teach me how to surf. See being a Delhiite, I could only go over to the hill stations in the vacations and never really had access to fun beaches.

And now being a girl, we could do some shopping therapy and buy ourselves some nice beach wear. Think sunny yellow draces, think bright maxi gowns, think bubblegum pink shorts..oh well just think!

Talking of beaches, how can we forget about loose beach waves and big colourful flowers in them. I prefer lilies. And we could find some bright pink flowers for your luscious locks.

Going by your photos, I assume you belong to the neutral brigade. Scared of colours, are you? May be you could experiment with pastels which are by the way huge this season. Its like treading the midway between bright colours and nudes. How about the lovely gowns I selected for you?

And after the fun and eventful day, a little blogging in the bed over a cup of cappuccino? Blogging + Cappuccino = heavenly!

What do you think Kyra? We will have a lovely “sun” filled summer!

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