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How To: French Hair Braid

french hair braid
french hair braid on medium to long hair

Sometimes I really feel that the love you get from your family is directly proportional to the length of your hair. As long as you have long thick tresses every aunty in your family gives you tight jhappis every time they visit you, every uncle tells you how

much they wish their daughter had such long hair like you, even your boyfriends get possessive for your damn long hair!

And the moment you have your “looooong” hair cut, its all gone *boom* VAN ISHED!

Well that’s just my theory. Blessed are you if people love you sans the long hair! Girls you better decorate them everyday with flowers, clips, bands, beads different styles, braids, parts, etc. Really that is the kind of styling you should go for instead of making your head “ hair clips ki dukaan “.

hair braid
french hair tutorial
easy hairstyles
easy and quick french hair braid

That’s Saniya with a french hair braid. I always used to think you need people to do it for you. But she did it herself. How?! I could have done my own tutorial but I really can’t do it alone. So I found a really good YouTube video which tells you how to do the braid alone and that too neat and clean. Here it is:

What are your thoughts on the french hair braids? You like them? And the important thing, can you do it all by yourself? Tell me!