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FOTD and OOTD: Lacey Blue Birthday!

vna birthday makeup look

Birthday Makeup Look and Outfit of the Day

I’ve got the most behaved hair among my friends….infact the whole womankind. I seldom come across bad hair days and when I do and cry about it people say I’m just seeking attention because they still look fine to them. Yes that’s one thing about me that I’m totally proud of and even brag about..see I just did! But no they had to take a day off..on a day their cooperation was most needed. Idiot me who shampooed a night before when I everyone knows just washed hair is…..like that rebellious untamed last-bencher kid in high school. So yes in all the pics..it took different forms and shapes *sob sob*

Well..it was my birthday

this week! Annnd one of the best in a long time. I am one of those people who don’t get too excited about their birthdays (and yet I’m writing this post!) and like to keep them low profile. Since Sailor wasn’t around this year, I made it a point to take revenge and enjoy the day to the core. And that I did!

birthday outfit lace blue

Isn’t that how those page 3 girls instagram from the rest rooms? #epicfail

birthday makeup hair dress

I just looouuuve yellow light. I wish I could walk around wearing my personal halo which threw beautiful yellow glow light on my face all the time! Or maybe have a PA do it for me. Or maybe invent an umbrella with a tiny light bulb inside it.

lace blue top blog ootd

I got this lace blue top with sheer shoulders. Its soooo pretty that I can just keep looking at it and never blink an eyelash. Why is it a top? Why didn’t they go all out and make a short bodycon dress instead? Or may be I will just buy a lace blue short skirt and fake a dress.

outfit of the day blue lace top

Makeup Products I used:

Face: MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation, Oriflame Studio Artist Cream Blush Pink, Maybelline Fresh Coral Blush, MAC MSF Natural

Eyes: L’Oreal Infallible concealer, Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate, MUA blue eye pencil, a shimmery blue from Sleek Acid Palette

Lips: Burt Bees Beeswax Lip Balm, Colorbar Lip Pencil Mad Me Pink

The whole time I was having this feeling that I have forgotten something..only on my way to the venue did I realize I forgot the mascara! And the rest of the things I realized when I got back home. Some of them like: ooohhh why didn’t I wear any earrings, oh I forgot to wear the pendant sailor gifted, omg I forgot the nail paint, wtf I forgot the lip gloss..actually loads of stuff.

vanity no apologies birthday outfit

Awesome threesome!

bffs outfit makeup hair

You already know Shruti and Saniya. They are both regular contributors on VNA. When I first met them 2years back, Shruti was this tom boy who had never worn kohl and Saniya was this makeup shy eyeliner-only-please kinda girl. 2years on..their makeup collection is getting their moms worried. Just the other day they were both literally running behind me with a mascara wand because my lashes didn’t look exciting enough! Apparently my heavy makeup isn’t “heavy” enough for them now.

anshita vna birthday outfit

I almost threw off my cardi because it seemed criminal to waste such a pretty top. But its freezing in Delhi. Okay not really. I can walk around without those layers but people around me seem to feel all the more cold when I do it. I’m an Aquarian..we are born polar bears!

24 thoughts on “FOTD and OOTD: Lacey Blue Birthday!”

  1. Looking way too pretty and cute Anshita… <3 <3
    (Btw did you buy this top online? Coz I also got the same recently in coral color. …:-P)

  2. Hey Ansh…
    First of all, I wish you a very happy birthday :)
    And Your top is looking great :)
    Apart from it, I am an aquarian too and the coincidence, I bought the same kind of top for my birthday too :D

  3. Yayaeeii u luk super stunning in dat lace *gimme dat top* anshita *-* have an amazing year ahead… cheerrzzzzz


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