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Face of the Day: No Makeup Look

no makeup look brown skin

Happy Independence day people! I was sleeping all day..thats how I celebrate my holidays. Although I did dress up for college yesterday with the tri colour theme. I wore lime green jeans (NO its not yellow you colour blind lady!) with an orange T-shirt which I later changed to white..it looked just too overwhelming. Wore an orange lipstick (Maybelline bold matte MAT3 ) . But I don’t have the photos right now.

But I do have another Face of the Day to show you. I did this no-makeup makeup look sometime back for a mascara (I think?!). I remember watching so many youtube videos for the no makeup look when I started this beauty blog. Actually you end up using more       makeup to get this look! But I could never find any no makeup tutorial for brown Indian skin at that time. The colours used by foreign youtube gurus are all pale but yes I did read an interview by Mickey Contactor once which helped a lot.

Here’s how you can do the natural look:

do a natural no makeup look


1. Preparing the right base is the MOST important here. I won’t recommend using the foundation all over your face. Just mix some foundation in your moisturiser and apply. If you have marks or spot then use a medium coverage foundation like Bourjos Healthy Mix and apply on the T-zone. Do only a tiny layer. Don’t build up. Conceal the under eye circles using a colour correc tor like Kryolan Concealer .

I’ve used: Mac Studio Fix Fluid on selected areas and Colorbar concealer under my eyes.

2. Mickey Contractor recommends using your cream blush before your foundation for a natural look. So I actually applied the Inglot Liquid blush #81 before the foundation. But this trick can’t be used for powder blushes. So either skip the blush or use a shade which looks like your natural flush without any shimmer. Use this test to find your perfectly natural blush shade.

natural no makeup look how to

3. Now just dust some loose powder to set the makeup with a light hand. Don’t use compact powders, they generally have a tendency to look powdery. I used Mac Mineralize Skin Finish Natural which is the BEST compact ever. I will review it soon!

4. Tightline your eyes using a kohl. I recommend Lakme Kohl Ultimate or Mac Smolder Eye Kohl. Use a brown pencil on lower lashline. Brown looks more natural and softer than a black kohl. I recommend Colorbar i glide pencil in Cocoa. I used a black pencil though..didn’t know the trick then!

5. Just curl lashes with a lash curler and apply a clear mascara if you have full lashes. But if you don’t then apply a very natural mascara like Lakme Eyeconic Mascara.

6. Use a tinted balm on your lips.

how to fresh neutral makeup look photos


Here is a very nice tutorial by Lisa Elridge on no makeup look:

Just remember not to get too excited. Less is more. And yes always try to do your makeup in natural light. I use the mirror in my balcony to check if I’m going over board. Never do your makeup in yellow or artificial light.

28 thoughts on “Face of the Day: No Makeup Look”

  1. Hello :D

    First of all, let me say that i’m so happy to have come across this for a couple of reason… first you have a lot of amazingly helpful articles, but mostly i’m happy because you have the exact same skin tone as me! I’m middle eastern, and have struggled to find the perfect foundation tone for my skin as a beginner, have you got advice? If you use or have used M.A.C foundation, what tone best suits your skin?
    I would very much appreciate an answer (:

    Thank you in advance.


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