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FOTD: Geek/Nerdy Girl Makeup Look and Tips

nerdy glasses makeup look

Nerdy/Geek girl Makeup Look and Tips

By Contributor: Shruti Gupta

Who says nerdy girls can’t be fun? They can be sexy and bold. Okay why am I advocating for them? I’m not a nerd anyway. But I would love to be one! By far I’m the opposite of nerds..I’m the last girl (actually second last..Anshita is the most careless – she sneaks into the lecturers’ cabins secretly well over the last date and puts her assignments in the bundle with the others) in my class to submit my assignments, project reports, presentations and case studies, etc. But nerds are so fun. They can work the 2 S – serious and sensuous at the same time. Think of all those chemistry teachers in your school..okay actually that I should ask the boys but..whatever!

sexy nerd makeup look tutorial

So one fine day when I was super bored, I borrowed my friend’s huge nerd glasses and took out my red lipstick and heelloo ms.geek!

4 Rules to Follow for the Nerd Girl Makeover:

  • Bold Lips – I know the frames take center stage but the statement lip compliment them. I suggest doing a bold red, neon orange or a fuchsia pink lip with it. And since fall is here, you can even try deep ruby and maroon shades.
  • Thick Eyeliner – You must have read about the eye makeup dos and donts with glasses. A thick swipe of black eyeliner (preferebly matte – think Maybelline gel or Clinique cream liner ) is a must.
  • Full Lashes – If you are gifted with thick luscious lashes then I’m not talking to you. Go for a voluminous mascara which gives your lashes a little length too. And oh please don’t bother with fake lash extensions if you are not comfortable..I can’t handle them!
  • Classy black frames: Yeah thats the most important part, right?!

nerd makeup look curly hair

My Geeky Makeup Look

geek makeup look tutorial

My makeup breakdown of the nerdy look:

Face: Lakme CC cream

Eyes: Maybelline Colossal Kajal, Maybelline Hypercurl mascara

Lips: Colorbar Peach Crush. Although now I think I should have worn Colorbar Obsessed Orange or Colorbar Hot Hot Hot

And there you have got the geeky look decoded!

31 thoughts on “FOTD: Geek/Nerdy Girl Makeup Look and Tips”

  1. Lol.. the stereotypical nerd! Actual nerds don’t look anywhere like this.. atleast in India :) This is like the nerdy gal in those english movies :)

  2. Hey Shruti, Your hairs are too good, can you plz share how to get perfect curls. I have mix of waves and curls. how to manage and maintain the curls…any spary, mousse, gel etc?

    • thank you so much :)
      well i have natural maggi like curls and to manage them, i use livon as nothing else works for me. you can use mousse for your hair to get perfect curls. use it on damp hair. :)

  3. Most of the voluminous and lengthening mascaras dont suit me since I wear glasses all the time (love them, no intention of ever trying lenses!). My eyelashes hit against the lens making it very uncomfortable. And nope, my lashes are neither naturally voluminous nor long. I just stick to a really basic mascara like Lakme eyeconic to give them some definition. Agree about the bright lips though. If not bold or neon types, even the bright ones will do. I use them even for work.

  4. Same happens with me when I wear glasses..but long n voluminous lashes looks great for this look :)


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