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Forever New – Sneak Peak

Do you really need me to tell you why I like this?
tan + boots = rocking!

love @ first sight
I’m not a fan..but like the colour
again i’m not a fan..but the colour looks nice
I ♥ IT!! Its so me!
floral jump suit..so not me..

If you still don’t have a tan satchel (seriously? shame!!) then go for this blindly. but i dont like such broad straps

The other day I was in Pacific Mall and happened to check Forever New. If you like subtle, light, muted colours then you must check the latest collection. Although I love bright colours, but sometimes I can be totally opposite and cling to nude and tan shades. The dresses were so pretty but could not click (nosy SAs!). The shoe area was relatively desserted so I quickly clicked these to show you. This happens with me all the time, whenever I see something nice I just think of sharing it here.

Coming up next is the Accessorize sneak peak..

Do you like it? Should I continue with these sneak-peaks?

Incense sneak peaks here

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