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Forever 21 Delhi – Neon Blast, Shoes, Accessories

neon dress
Forever21 neon lime bodycon dress

I suffer from OCPD (Obsessive Compulsive Photography Disorder). And this disorder makes me do crazy stuff. So the next time when you go visit a store and find a girl lurking in the corner taking secret photos and making weird faces then you know who you have come across.

One such by-product of this order is what you are about to see right now – the August-September collection of Forever21 in Delhi! I guess the fall collection will make its way to the store soon but right now all they have is ‘glow in the dark’. From dresses to shorts, necklaces to shoes…..everything is bright and neon.

Look at the neon lime bodycon dress in the first picture. Doesn’t it scream LOOK-at-me?! I love that

neon prints
neon leopard, shorts, boots at Forever21
Here you see leopard meets neon. The fusion is brilliant!
nude shoes
neon high heels at Forever21
Can a woman walk into a store and not look scream at the shoes “omg!”
Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life.
beige shoes
beige sandals and shoes at Forever21. My favourite!
Only if I could walk in them…..
They are all I want – nude and high. Oh my I love nude shoes.
gold cuffs
gold cuffs and bracelets

Assorted bowl of gold cuffs and bangles. They were good but honestly I’ve seen better variety of them in Sarojini Nagar. You remember my post on street accessories ? Check back for all the arm party stuff at throw away prices.

pendents and necklaces
The huge variety of necklaces and pendants. You see the key on the extreme right? Isn’t it pretty?
beaded necklace
beaded black webbed necklace
Black-silver beaded necklace. I would like it more on somebody’s head than neck!
webbed necklace
beaded blue necklace
A similar necklace in silver-blue. Pretty!
bow necklace
pastel pink bow necklace
Pastel pink bow. I’m not much of a bow fan but I know people who are mad about it!
So that’s it for Forever21 for now. Do you have any favourites?
Do you want me to cover any particular store? Let me know in the comments below. I’ve got a few requests to cover the Sarojini Nagar‘s latest collection. I will see if I can visit this weekend :)
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6 thoughts on “Forever 21 Delhi – Neon Blast, Shoes, Accessories”

  1. I said this as a comment in another post of yours too. But since you specifically asked for ideas on what to cover next, I’d like to recommend Shahpur Jat again. Also, instead of having multiple posts on Forever 21 and Sarojini, it would be great to see a different place covered each time, like GK M Block Market, Lajpat Nagar etc. This way, you can write about the comparative merits and demerits of these places too.


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