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Forest Essentials Kerala Lime Glaze Review – 10 Reasons Why Its Holy Grail

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 Forest Essentials Kerala Lime Glaze Review – 10 Reasons Why Its Holy Grail

Kerala is close to my heart. Apart from my sailor boy being there, its the city of coconut chatni, heavy rainfall (summers or no summers, sailor is always drenched from top to bottom and I can always hear the rain against the windows), educated people (unlike our dilli) and now my favourite lip balm is named after it. As soon as I got it, I whispered in its tiny tub “you better live upto     your name” and that it did!

Luscious moisturizing Lip Balms soaked in citric or flower juices to soften and protect your lips. These lip balms seal in moisture, soothe dry lips, and leave them soft and smooth and glossy.

This is one lip balm I used throughout the winters and even now when Summers are on our doorstep. Why I love it:

1. Its a clear lip balm. That means it can be used at night. I apply a heavy coat of this at this time.

2. Its non-sticky and non greasy and feels very light on lips.

3. It doesn’t have that balm like shine. So basically it never gives itself away.

4. Because of the last 3 reasons mentioned above, it can be used under lipsticks. Neither does it make the lipstick application difficult nor does it reduces the staying power of the lip colour.

5. It has got this citrusy lemon like fragrance. Now I’ve used strawberry, cherry, dragon fruit, etc but Lemon. Simply put, I love its fragrance.

6. It has got a decent staying power of 4-5hrs.

7. Its supposed to be “100% natural”.

8. Keeps my lips hydrated, soft, moisturised, supple..blah blah blah. Meaning it does what its supposed to do… beautifully.

9. It comes in a tub. I feel tub lip balms perform better than their tube counterparts. Umm..no scientific fact..just my psychological belief!

10. Price is a bit steep..but then it lasts very long. I’ve been using it for 3 months and 50% is still left.

forest essentials balm

lime glaze

I’ve used their Honey and Kokum Butter lip balm too and it was just as good but in a different flavour. In short, Forest Essentials makes one of the best lip balms.

If you are bored of your regular lip balm flavours, then do check this ginger lip balm (my another favourite). I’ve a thing for uncommon flavours!

Price: Rs.495 for 5gms

So is it for you? Forest Essentials Kerala Lime Glaze is one of the best lip balms in my stash. It heals, protects, repairs your lips while smelling good and staying for long. It can be used over night and under the lipsticks. What more can you ask for!

PS – Tub or Tube for you??

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  1. I reveived my order for this lip balm and few other FE products I bought.

    The lipbalm does leave upto what it claims to do..Loving the smell of it


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