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Fem Saffron Fairness Creme Bleach: Review, Price


Review, How to Use, Price, Buy Online Fem Saffron Fairness Creme Bleach for Healthy Fair Skin

By Contributor: Vidhi

The World Cup didn’t give me much time to write a review, sad that we couldn’t make it to finals but no worries because we did our best by winning consecutive 7 matches!! (sorry I love cricket). So keeping aside my bak bak, let’s make this review short and sweet. Another addition to my Fem Bleach Family (My Dabur Haul you see). This one is the most familiar Bleach which was the sole Bleach catering to all skin tones but now this is for only fair ones called the Fem Saffron Creme Bleach


Fem Claims: If you have fair complexion and face a problem of patchy skin, dark facial hair the switch to Saffron Fairness. It lightens facial hair, evens out skin tone to give healthy fairness that lasts longer.

Ingredients: In the picture


My Review:

Packaging: The bleach activator and creme come in a sturdy tub and the contents are baby pink in colour. They provide an instructions leaflet and safe use spoon, what I find missing is the pre-bleach or post-bleach creme which is otherwise provided by oxy bleach.

Claims: This saffron Bleach doesn’t shout about any big claims except Vitamin E and Saffron content. They have mentioned in ingredients that ‘Saffron through perfume’ so this basically means just the fragrance of saffron is present not the real content. ‘Vitamin E Acetate’ which after searching Google I found that, it is a part of vitamin e which is often used for moisturizing skin and hair growth

Result: Fem Fairness Naturals makes one fair (obviously it will because it’s a bleach and is meant to work this way). The fragrance is good but it bothers my nose after some time. The fem bleach makes my facial hair too light so it’s advisable to use the activator accordingly.


Pros of Fem Saffron Fairness Creme Bleach:

  • Contains Vitamin E
  • Lightens the colour of your facial hair and gives glow to skin
  • Also removes tan and dead skin
  • Does exactly what it is meant to
  • Contains measuring spoon and leaflet which is really good for beginners
  • Easily available everywhere
  • You don’t need to bleach again after applying this for at least 45 days and maximum 60 days (2 months)

Cons of Fem Saffron Fairness Creme Bleach:

  • Fragrance bothers my nose after a point of time
  • This doesn’t provide a pre-bleach or post-bleach crème
  • Tends to lose its effectiveness as it reaches it expiry date (my personal experience)


Price: Rs.54 for 24g (also available in larger packs)

VNA Rating: 4/5

Recommendation: Only for fairer skin tones.

Will I repurchase it: YES

Buy Online: flipkart.com

Final Verdict: It does its job but doesn’t provide any pre-bleach or post-bleach crème which is a must as it protects and nourishes skin. Otherwise it’s good enough.

Have you used Fem Saffron Fairness Creme Bleach? Share your reviews with us.