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February 2012 Favourites

I simply just love doing monthly favourites kind of posts. Simply collect the products you like, get clicking *click* *click* *click* and then click some more. And tadaa post it on blog and you have a post ready in 30mins flat. See how easy cool it is. Okay I know I’m lazy..okay waaay lazy. But I’ve been lazy all my life so that is one aspect of me that is never going to change….I think.

So people here I present to you the February 2012 makeup and beauty winners *applause*

makeup beauty best favorite products 2012

coastal scents lip smacks avon simply pretty

Coastal Scents Lip Smacks Near Peach: The shade simply sold me out. I’m out and out a peachy girl and somehow pink lip colours never appeal to me. Its a gorgeous milky peach colour. Think Revlon Colorbust Papaya with milkyness to it.

Avon Simply Pretty Mango Mania: I never knew teracottas can look that great. This one particular shade is a cult favourite among beauty bloggers. A pretty mix of peach and brown. I wear it everywhere! The formula has now been improved with new ingredients and pink packaging. One of the best budget buys out there.

lotus herbals nail enamel red lakme remover

Lotus Herbals Colour Dew Nail Enamel Crimson Red 912: A bright tomato red. This one is one of those bridal reds I fear but somehow got the courage of flaunting such a bright colour. Actually ever since I started VNA I’ve started experimenting more. And eye catching nails are my favourites.

Lakme Nail Color Remover: No story here! My old remover got finished. This one works good  great.

maybelline bb cream yardley london face wash

Maybelline BB Cream: I love the instant radiance it gives. Somehow my Ponds TM has taken a backseat ever since I got this. Although I’ve a couple of back ups of the Ponds TM (yes I’m a hoarder) but I’ve been hearing rumours that it has been discontinued. So well…I’ve found a plan product B. Click the link for review.

Yardley of London English Lavender Face Wash:

Something I look forward to in the mornings when my T-zone is oily. Has a strong lavender fragrance..I like my face washes to be unscented since those ingredients don’t suit my skin. But this one has not broken me out yet. So yes liking it.

Let me know if you want detailed reviews on any of them. What were your February favourites? Any new discoveries?

12 thoughts on “February 2012 Favourites”

  1. Such posts are fun to read so i can imagine how fun it would be to do such posts. I would love to see a review of coastal scents gloss because I love the shade in the “thing” – bottle or tube..

    I’ll share some favs soon…thanks.

  2. i like all of the products. but i am yet to try thr yardley face wash & the costal scents lip gloss.. where’d you get it from? :)


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