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Faux Pas: Why Do Her Hips Lie?

Sonakshi Sinha Lootera Success Party

Why Lord? Why? Why do hips lie? Why can’t they just say it in your face – honey we are suffocating. Why can’t they be like Shakira’s…..who never ever lie. Bringing you Sonakshi Sinha’s latest faux pas at the Lootera success party. Why do people let themselves loose out in the city looking like this. The liquid shimmery pants are just not working. Neither heart shaped sling bag. The only thing that seems to be working here is the studded mint shoe.

Sonakshi Sinha Lootera Success Bash
Sonakshi Sinha at Lootera Success Bash

Even the makeup is not right. The base makeup is too light and she totally skipped putting some on her neck and now she looks two toned. Plus the bronzer looks muddy. The whole contouring and highlighting is done rather badly.And the n*de lipstick is totally washing her out. Read my list of favourite nude lipsticks  to not make the same mistake.

Sonakshi Sinha Faux Pas
Sonakshi Sinha’s Faux Pas at Lootera Success Bash

Its a total fail according me. But considering its Sonakshi I’m not much surprised. Don’t know what I’m talking about? See her harem disaster. If I’ve to pick one thing then I’m going with the River Island pastel green shoes.

Alright I’ve this family dinner tonight so I gotta go and get my brows done. My uncle (bua’s husband) is going to Nigeria for work. Nigeria! No offence but people live there? I guess I have a lot of questions to ask him now. He would be staying there for some 3years. Nigeria! This post is scheduled so by the time you read it I would be there already.

PS – I don’t own any of the above images. They belong to Viral Bhayani.

18 thoughts on “Faux Pas: Why Do Her Hips Lie?”

  1. Well, yes..one lives in Nigeria and yes, it’s quite risky. I remember whn my dad was posted for a while.. they keep security with you ..at least one while you go to work or one’s allowed sometime to hang around the same place. Otherwise, from the pictures he brought back the pubs and several other hangouts were kinda cool..but yes a guard to protect him he always had

    • so I asked him and he too said security is provided. but yes d area matters. northern nigeria is quite backward but d southern part is where he would be staying..

  2. To be honest, I think she looks fine except for her nude lipstick. She should have put on something brighter!

  3. Considering that it’s Sonakshi Sinha, why am I not surprised? She reminds me of Vidya Balan in disastrous western outfits at the beginning of her career, only minus Vidya’s acting skills!


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