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From Fashion Weeks to Barbecues

sony xperia z3 fashion blogger india

 Outfit of the Day: Fashion Weeks and Barbecues with Sony Xperia Z3

As soon as I posted a picture of my Sony Xperia Z3 in what’s in my bag post I knew I was gonna get a lot of “whaats” As expected I got a lot of pings on my whatsapp ranging from “omg you got a new phone” to “girl stop teasing us” So this post goes out to all of you..and my little brother who has been trying to coax me into this “phone exchange programme” ever since it came. Not happening bro, not happening.

chilling in wills lifestyle fashion week lounge

I was so looking forward to take Sony Xperia Z3 to the Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week SS 15 with me and on Day 1 I forgot to charge it. Typical me. So I took this out for a test drive on Day 2

and could actually put some of the tall claims and features to the test. When you are inside the arena where the actually fashion show takes place, you know how difficult it is to take pictures in the low light specially when there are clear instructions that you can’t use flash. This new smartphone takes some really crisp and sharp pictures even in low light with the 20.7MP camera.

music time at wills lifestyle india fashion week

The models don’t stop for you but Sony does. The auto focus detects the subject and you just click anywhere on the screen to take pictures. My selfies you have already seen on instagram.

sony xperia z3 review favourite features

I wanted to do a proper shoot at the WIFW venue but the grilling schedule and tinted lights throughout the place made it a little difficult. But wait up. I attended this barbecue lunch recently and it was a nice opportunity to use the nearby park for a shoot for my new style blog Petite Peeve. I wore my cut out coral dress with absolutely no accessories. I’m not much of an accessory person. And my new ombre hair..again! Wait up I will have to do a complete new post on it.

talking on phone sony xperia z3

Honestly the phone has the brightest display ever. Even outdoors when the sun is right above you. Makes surfing much more easier without having to constantly run into a shade to make sense of whats happening on the screen.

The other thing I need to mention is the amazing battery life. You don’t need to charge it every day which is a first for the phones I’ve used. It typically lasts around 2 days or sometimes a little more than a day when you suddenly decide on a FRIENDS weekend marathon and don’t stop until you have to absolutely get out of your pajamas.

sony xperia z3 smart phone fashion accessory

Its light and sleek and comes in quite a number of colours. I have copper which goes with almost any outfit. Sometimes it even matches my rose gold watch!

sony xperia z3 selfie

Okay so here is a fun new feature. Sony Xperia Z3 is waterproof. Yep! As soon as a friend told me about it, I was itching to test it out. I should have taken this to the pool party I attended last month! Anyway so I hoped into shower with it and did some instagraming and I’m happy to report that it survived afterwards. Honestly doing that required some courage (it’s your phone after all) but I just had to. If you are a sports or travel enthusiast then this feature might come handy. Its said to be the best phone Sony has ever made. Can’t argue with that.

best fashion blogs india petitepeeve

Outfit 1 details:
Dress: Harpa
Earrings: Forever 21
Watch: Skagen
Outfit 2 details:
Dress: FabAlley
Phone: Sony Xperia Z3


PS – In the first picture I’m probably just thinking what to have for dinner

In collaboration with Sony

156 thoughts on “From Fashion Weeks to Barbecues”

  1. this Sony Experia Z3 seems really good :) I am super impressed with its looks and features :) thinking to buy this only then …. looking gorgeous Dear :)

  2. I am still thinking of adjectives to use here Anshita…. Gorgeous… Na! Hot!… Na Na … Amazing …. Oh o! Super Fab …. perhaps ! Gorgeously graciously HOTT…. Bingo!
    You look so beautiful here… and trust me! these photos are classic. Loved the first pic… please make it a cover photo somewhere because its fab!

    • thats a great suggestion..will probably use it on my page. and terry thanks for the full of adjectives comment :D

  3. OMG! your courage gal! When I got my Xperia Z, I almost wanted to toss into the aquarium but restrained coz I was sceptic ‘Wat if claims ain’t true? :D’
    n u are like always looking pretty dear :)

  4. You look great & so does the your smart phone. Thanks for an interesting review. It was very informative :)


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