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Fake MAC and Smashbox!!

How many times do you come across fake cosmetics? Or Do you even know when you come across something fake? Thats what happened to me. I’m a newbie in this makeup business. So some years back when I had a wedding to attend, I went to this store and asked for an e/s pallete. All I wanted was some nice colors, thats it. Had no clue about textures, quality or enen brands. So when the SA showed me this pallete saying it is the most sold out palette they have which belongs to a very high end brand “mac”. I was like “Wow, It has got black. Pack it”

fake mac eyeshadows
fake MAC

Yes, I didnt know what MAC was, nor did I know Colorbar, Maybelline, Revlon and the likes! (Now come on dont laugh I was just an ignorant school girl)

Now years later when I heard all this fuss about MAC, I was like hang on, I’ve heard it somewhere and then with a bang realised that not only I’ve heard MAC…I even own MAC!

fake mac eyeshadows
fake Mac palette

I immediately searched their site and obviously they didnt have any such palette…..and now I have a fake with me! I was sad because it was my first palette and happy because I anyway didnt like it in the first place.

The colors are too much glittery and shimmery for my taste. Also they are difficult to blend. You can see I got mad on them in my vain to make use of it but they are sooo…. “useless” is the word!

And you know whats the most funny part? It costed me Rs.280, as you can see in the second picture above.

So I went again to that shop “undercover” to see if they still sell “those MAC products” and alaas! They still did!! Now when I was fully prepared and had my gk in place I found MAC Studio Fix foundation, c oncealer, MAC pressed powders, MAC pro long wear foundation and believe me the list was endless. I so much wanted to click some pics but could not. So instead I played around and my “spy” eyes spotted a SMASHBOX eye pencil.

When I asked the SA to show it to me, he gladly did and swatched it on my hand. This one I bought to show you people. He sold it to me for Rs.30! He said I can fill in my eyebrows with it, I’m anyway not going to use something this black on my eyebrows, it looks totally unnatural.
One should never use these products. You can easily get some skin allergies, patches, pigmentation, etc etc.
There are loads of videos on YouTube which can tell you the tricks by which you can spot the fakes of these high end brands.
Hope it helps and saves you from being cheated.

9 thoughts on “Fake MAC and Smashbox!!”

  1. I’m sorry you bought a fake MAC palette :( It’s annoying when they try to fool you like that, especially if the shades aren’t even good. Youtube does a great job w/these comparisons though.. it’s good you know now :)

  2. hahha..something similar had happened to me..i had bought an eyeliner & a foundation…didn’t know wat mac was at that time..n finally wen i got to know about mac..i was like “wt d hell” do I have?!

  3. I see these too. In fact in the store nearby they even sell MAC Lipglass for Rs 250. Oh yeah I have a fake lipstick from them too with M.A.C. written on it (again for Rs 250). But quite frankly am not complaining. MAC is too costly and out of reach for me right now. Secondly this coral-orangey lip color I have is probably the most moisturizing lip color that I own (even better than Faces or Maybelline colorsensational) and stays long too. But its fun seeing these so called MAC products with these small shops!

  4. Oh my.. I see these fake MAC’s in stores around everywhere, also I came across this store, damn.. they sell fake “Chanel” hahaha.


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