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Homemade Natural Fairness Face Pack Tutorial


How to get Fair Skin at Home Naturally with Herbal Face Pack

By Contributor: Tanya

Tanning is something almost all of us hate. Who loves to have different skin tone on face and body? I, being dark and dusky, get tanned very easily. There was a time when I was three shades darker than my natural skin tone. I tried so many things like lemon, tomatoes , cucumber but they didn’t work on my skin. Lastly, I tried my mum’s nuskha which she used during her college days. This pack not only lightens the skin but also helps to remove facial hair. I used this pack for one month only and I could see the change!! It actually removes tan very fast. It has almost removed my old stubborn tan from hands and feet. This pack also lightens one’s natural skin tone if used regularly. Let’s see how to make this pack.

Ingredients You will need:


  • 2 tbsp sunflower seeds (chironji)
  • 1 tsp fenugreek seeds
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1 camphor
  • Half tsp Turmeric

Method to make this pack: Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1: Soak chirongi and fenugreek seeds into the milk in a bowl overnight.


Step 2: Next day, grind this pack along with one camphor  in the mixer. The mixture will become sticky, greasy and smooth.


Step 3: Now, take this pack into bowl and add half spoon turmeric to it. Mix it well.


Step 5: Clean the affected areas and pat dry. Now, apply this pack on the affected areas and let it dry.


Step 6:When the pack dries(don’t dry completely), scrub the pack by your hands in circular motion.Do not scrub harshly.If your skin is sensitive,your skin might get red  but no worries it will go after some hours.

Step 7: Rinse the left over with water and pat your skin dry.You will see fair, bright and soft skin instantly!


Use it everyday if you have stubborn tan otherwise you can use 2-3 times a week. The result will be visible in just one week. I always use this pack to remove my tan. You can also use this pack to remove facial hair. Stay indoors during  this process as fairness face packs make skin sensitive towards sun or apply a sunscreen with SPF 30 or more. This pack is very good for every skin type as it moisturizes the skin and makes it super soft.

Do try this method and tell us if it worked for you or not!

38 thoughts on “Homemade Natural Fairness Face Pack Tutorial”

  1. oh wow! i’ve never seen anything like it. i have stubborn years old tan on my hands which refuse to get any lighter. ofcourse, i do nothing for my hands or feet. will definitely try this out. thank you <3

  2. Thanks a lot for this… Need to definitely try this from tomorrow … My face is darker than the rest of my body …stubborn tan. I’m just scared about the camphor thing..I hope it doesn’t give any negative effect.

  3. I am definitely trying this home pack. Delhi has horrible summers, and I feel a little better knowing that I have a tan removal solution now. :)

  4. There is no doubt that everyone want best skin and that’s why they do lots of things. I think face pack really effective for skin care and your post really helpful in it.

  5. Oh wow. thank you, My sis badly need this. She always ask me about home remedies.
    So, finally it ends here. Thank you so much even I am gonna use it.
    Thanks a lot dear.

  6. once i make it, how long it can be stored, coz in a cup of milk it will be a lot to use many times, so i can use it how many times…?

  7. once i make it, how long it can be stored, coz in a cup of milk it will be a lot to use many times, so i can use it how many times…? just tell me the time to preserve…

  8. WOW!! Nice post.. though I don’t having tanning problem but would like to know if I can apply this NUSKA on my daughter. She is 10 yrs old.

  9. Thanks for sharing the awesome tip:).. I am battling tans which refuse to leave me. Hope this works.

  10. It feels so good to know that we can get instant fairness by following such easy steps. Thank you! For sharing such an amazing information.

  11. Hey dear..my enagment is there in the next month ..i hav dull tanned skin also i have pimples and scars, dark spots..ueven skin yone.i had treatment by a dermatologist but no improvement.plz suggest fast remdies..

  12. Hi .. Can we use this pack for oily acne prone skin and which camphor we have to use they synthetic camphor tablets available at pooja stores or pure camphor and if possible can we skip adding camphor??

  13. Hey anshita can you please advice me is this pack good for oily skin as it contains milk so should soak seeds in milk or anything else..?

  14. Turmeric doesnt suit on my skin… Can it be possible to make this paste without using turmeric…. Or can i have a just a pinch of it rather than half tsp…..


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