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Faces Ultime Pro Gel Waterproof Mascara Review

faces pro mascara

Faces Ultime Pro Gel Waterproof Mascara Review

What the deal with this “Ultime” thingy. Is it really a word? or just a stupid cousin of “ultimate”? Seriously the marketing gurus are onsessed with this word and somehow insist its related to beauty and we don’t even know what it means. Kerastase has this Ultime range, there is a spa chain under this name, a beauty website assuring its “your ultime place to be” and now its our desi brand giving us “ultime pro” makeup  products. Like seriously?

And that is what we are going to talk about today. The Faces Ultime Pro Gel Waterproof mascara. I’m not in a mood to write long paragraphs so let’s go bulleting today!

The good things about this “ultime” mascara:

  • The wand of the mascara is think and sleek and that makes it reach easily in the inner corner of my eyes. You can also use it on lower lashes without making them look scary and ghastly long.
  • The wand has got these spikes which separates your lashes (but only the first time).
  • The colour is blackest black, me likey!
  • It does make your lashes look a bit long and curly. Not excessively long, but decent enough.
  • Its totally smudge and waterproof (see the last pic).

Things that make me think otherwise about the mascara:

  • It clumps MADLY. You are good to go if you are applying just one coat. But as soon as you apply another coat, your lashes start sticking together and looking spidery.
  • To worsen the things, it dries super fast. I know I should have listed this is a plus point but this mascara is very good at clumping. So before you take out your mascara comb and get to the lashes to separate the clumps, it has already dried. And now you are left with even more clumps!
  • Doesn’t really deserve the high price tag.

So basically you can’t apply more than one coat of this. If you want those super long and curly lashes, it can’t give you that because you can’t just keep applying it! I know I’m getting mad now but…whatever.

Look at the photos and eye swatches:

faces ultime mascara
Faces Ultime Pro Waterproof Mascara Review
mascara wand
Faces ultime water proof mascara wand

Now here it is on my eyes. It makes me them a little long.

mascara before after

 And now you can see the clumping from the side angle

mascara eyes

 Here is the water proof test. Yes it passed.

waterproof mascara

Price: Rs.799

Rating: 3/5

So is it for you? Something I won’t recommend since there are better options available at far lesser price. But if you are looking for a mascara which gives you natural long lashes, nothing too dramatic then you can go ahead. And its good for the monsoons because its waterproof.

If you notice its the first time I’ve rated a product. Giving ratings is always a stressful experience. Like some reader will keep me at the gun point and say “You gave that thing 3.865 but it deserved just 3.845…you bitch!“. But now I’m really thinking of giving this a go. What do you think? And should it be a numerical rating or should I give grades like A for excellent and D for epic fail?

Product sent by the brand

14 thoughts on “Faces Ultime Pro Gel Waterproof Mascara Review”

  1. Lol okay … Looks like ultime is just a wordplay to make the price skyrocket. 799 for a 3.5 mascara… ultime or pro … no thanks !!
    Btw I like numerical marking more ! How else would you say ‘just there’ in alphabets …. say 4.5 …. A.B ? ;-) … unless you do decide to actually rate like A.B , B.C and so on …and start a trend ;-)

    • haha you do have a point here. i was thinking the temptalia way but alright i will stick with the numerical rating now. whatever you guys like!

  2. I haven’t used this one yet. but the spikey wand looks good so far. I prefer wash-proof mascaras ( since my crazy lashfall).
    Your eyes look like doll’s eyes Ansh!!
    I am kind of neutral when it comes to rating. Good to know the overall performance. But for me the pros and the cons are the best part since a pro for you can be a con for me or just the other way round.
    Nice shots!

  3. am so glad to see your review , everyone else was saying good thing abt this mascara and i was like.. did i get a defected piece :P it clumped on me too :(

    • haha i know what you mean :D i gave it a few tries because i genuinely expected it to be all nice n good considering the price


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