Faces Glam On Volume Perfect Mascara: Review, Swatches

Review, Swatches, Price, Buy Online Faces Glam On Volume Perfect Mascara

By Contributor: Vaidehee

Hey you guys! So , i’m not exactly a mascara junkie and stick to just curling my lashes as opposed to coating them in soot, however, lately i’ve been trying out the new faces Glam-on mascara, and the product fits my mascara needs, Perfectly! I’m not all for va-va-voom lashes , and prefer to stay on the natural side, and this , has become somewhat of a Holy grail product for me. Let’s start with the review and swatches.

Faces Claims: Faces Glam On Volume Perfect Mascara creates high-volume lashes in a single stroke

My Review of Faces Mascara:

Price : The Faces Glamon mascara retails at Rs. 449 , which is average for a drugstore mascara.

Packaging : One word. Basic. It’s functional, it’s neat, it’s the basic glossy black bottle with the logo stamped on.

Pigmentation : The pigmentation isn’t jet black, more on the grey side, which is why it turns out looking more on the natural side.

The Brush and the stopper :

I’ve mentioned in my review of the maybelline falsies Duo, that with a mascara, you essentially pay for only 3 components, the formula, the brush , and the stopper (which is a rubberized rim that controls the amount of product dispensed each time you dip the brush into the tube)

The Faces Glam-on mascara has, to put it as subtly as i can, the biggest mascara-brush i have ever come across in my lifetime. no joke.  It’s a fairly dense basic conical mascara wand and not really flexible so you’d assume it built up tonnes of volume. Nope!   It does just the opposite. It separates the lashes surprizigly well, gives them a good (though not great) amount of volume, and flaires them out for the perfect “pseudo-natural” look.

The stopper unfortunately has one tiny little error. The faces brush is slightly pointed at the end, so a bit of product accumulates there (and ends up messing up the application)  because the stopper doesn’t regulate it  and you have to wipe it off . Not really a bother, just a bit of an odditiy.

Formula :  It’s slightly on the dry side and not too liquid-based, thankfully since a drier formula works better for a more “natural-flaired out ” lashes  when you’re not rooting for mega-volume. The faces mascara doesn’t clump easily as long as you wipe off the excess product from the brush over the stopper , and builds up without looking too spidery.  On the down side, with formulas like these , a tube of mascara will dry up slightly quicker . (But hey , mascara happens to have an expiration period of 3-4 months, so that downside is pretty much moot. )

Longevity and Is it waterproof?

The glam on mascara does, ever so slightly smudge when worn on the lower lashes through the day (which is why i really don’t recommend using this for your lower lashes, on top of the fact that the brush is on steroids!)  . But as for being worn solo on the upper lashes , it stays put.

It’s not unfortunately waterproof, and if you do rub your eyes even slightly after wetting your lashes, it will smudge. Makes it easy to take off, but also not pool-side or weeping appropriate.

What i do love about Faces Glam On Volume Perfect Mascara:

  • The no-clumping formula.
  • The fact that it’s probably telepathically read my mind on my version of perfect lashes. Fluttery , subsided , flirty lashes.
  • They don’t test on animals. I’m all for pro-bunny.
  • It’s paraben and mineral oil free. Now if you’ve been typing up reviews and reading ingredients list as avidly as i have , you know these are the two things you don’t want to see mentioned .

What i don’t love about Faces Glam On Volume Perfect Mascara:

  • The wand is ginormous, and i’m not kidding when i say ginormous. So getting the lower lashes without messing up takes quite a bit of practice.
  • It can’t really be built up for extreme volume. Volume, separating, lengthening ? sure. But falsies-level volumising? no.
  • The fact that it’s not waterproof. May tick off some people since most of the mascaras out there are pretty much all either waterproof or water resistant.

Price in India: Rs.499

VNA Rating: 3.5/5

Where to Buy Online in India: nykaa.com

Verdict? I don’t think this is for someone that’s into the whole made-up lashes look with mega mega volume, but for me , or anyone that likes their lashes to be slightly more subtle, this is a Holy-Grail product! By far, the best mascara for my almost-natural days with one coat.

Have you used Faces Glam On Volume Perfect Mascara? Share your reviews with us.

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