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Faces Glam On Perfect Noir Eyeliner: Review, Swatches


Review, Swatches, Price, Buy Online Faces Glam On Perfect Noir Eyeliner

By Contributor: Mansi

I am sure each one of you is welcoming the change in the season. After spending the last 2 months like a sebum covered sweaty human being with sun burnt skin, its finally time to welcome frizzy hair and breakout skin! Yaaaaay..eh, I do have a knack for negativity. If only one could make a career out it! Well, jokes aside, I hope you all are enjoying the breeze as much as I am! I am back with review and swatches on the new Faces Glam On Perfect Noir Eyeliner. I am a complete eye liner person. It is my Go To Favourite amongst all things cosmetical. According to me, if your eye liner game is on point.. there is no stopping you babe ! Lets take this further.

Faces Claims :

  • Faces Glam On Perfect Noir Eye Liner is that magical tool which enhances your features.

  • Precise Line and Dramatic Colour that creates Sensational Eyes !

  • Intensely Rich, Long Lasting, Easy Glide Colour

  • Smudgeproof and Water Resistant

  • Free from Parabens and Mineral Oil


My Review of Faces Eyeliner:

Packaging: The black eye liner is packed in a tiny, cylindrical, black tube which is high gloss and has a golden motif on it. The outer cardboard box consists of all the details including the product ingredients, shelf life, claims and price details. The packaging is no nonsense, sturdy and extremely travel friendly for those of you who like to carry their eye liners. This one would occupy very little space in your bags ! The top unscrews with an attached applicator brush which is quite different that the usual brushes. The liner applicator is a felt tip applicator which controls the application for people with shaky hands. The application procedure is made quite easy due to this brush and its easy to create a thin line as well as a thicker, bolder swatch.

Texture & Product: The texture of this liquid eye liner is a little watery. One swipe leads to a transluscent streak of black however you need at least two swipes of the product to get a profound black colour which is opaque. The pigmentation of the formula is not very impressive since it is a little runny as compared to other liquid liners in Indian market. However after 2 swatches, the product dries to a completely opaque slightly glossy finish. The faces eyeliner takes about 15 20 seconds to dry and gives a nice sheen to the eye once dry.

True to its claim this eye liner is not just smudgeproof but is also pretty long lasting and water and sebum resistant. I wore the product for 8 hours straight and even with my hooded lids, it did not smudge or transfer onto my upper lid. The eye liner survived a thorough face wash too and stayed completely put barring a little fadedness.  A heavy endurance product indeed which is suitable for long hour applications and humid monsoon days too ! The cherry on the cake is that it is completely Parabens free which makes it very friendly on the skin. A make up remover is definitely required, to get rid of the product completely from the eye.


Colour & Suitability: The colour pay off of the black liner is not very impressive. It looks much darker in its liquid form as compared to the final dried outcome hence atleast 2 swipes are required for a true colour pay off. The colour can be described as a jet, profound black which is neither very glossy nor very matte. It does have a sheen finish to it though. A no nonsense product which does what it claims, this is an everyday product through and through ! A simple, sturdy, regular eye liner which is great for every day wear and would suit everybody.


Pros  of Faces Glam On Perfect Noir Eyeliner:

  • Smudge and Stain Proof
  • Water/Sweat/Tear resistant
  • Cost Effective as compared to other contenders
  • Packaging is very easy to carry around
  • Parabens free

Cons of Faces Glam On Perfect Noir Eyeliner:

  • Watery. Formulation could have been better
  • Not very pigmented


Price in India: Rs.399 for 3.8 ml

VNA Rating: 4/5

Where to Buy Online in India: koovs.com

My Take: The Faces Glam On Perfect Eye liner is a great everyday product that does exactly what it claims. In my opinion, it is perfect for those who are new to eye liners and are looking for a basic functional liner. The compact packaging makes it very travel friendly and the felt tip applicator is great for beginners. However people who are pros and are well versed with different eye liners like gel based and super liners, might pass on this one. I would recommend this product to college goers and people who are in the corporate who are looking for a sleek everyday product.

Have you used Faces Glam On Perfect Noir Eyeliner? Share your reviews with us.

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