Faces CC Cream Natural: Review, Swatches

Review, Swatches, Price, Buy Online Faces Canada Correct and Care CC Cream in shade Natural

By Contributor: Vaidehee

Hey you guys ! So i have been trying out a bunch of stuff from faces cosmetics, and so far, their makeup range has been impressive (Though the skincare isn’t extra-ordinary)! I’ll review and swatch their CC Cream (Correct and care ) in the post in the shade Natural. Frankly, if a BB/CC cream isn’t korean, i don’t take it as anything other than a tinted moisturizer. So this will be from a tinted-moisturizer

point of view because CC cream ingredients are worth another debate.

Faces Claims: FACES CC Cream brings multiple benefits to give you flawless looking skin in a single step. It primes, perfects and protects to make you look stunning all day.

Shades Available: Sand, Natural

My Review of Faces Cream:

Price : The Faces CC cream retails at Rs.399, which is average for a drugstore product.

Packaging : Faces packaging so far has always been a bit basic , nothing very appealing. The cc cream comes in a black squeeze-tube . The one complaint i have is that the nozzle is a bit too big and dispenses a little too much product with hardly any pressure and so the remainder gets accumulated. Not fun cleaning that up.

Fragrance: Fragrance free! Hallelujah! Lakme with their old-school citrus scent might want to take some pointers.

Consistency and texture : The CC Cream is a little bit runny ,more water-based and you do need to use quite a bit of it to get an even application all over the face.  It blends in like a dream and takes a bit of time to set , so you have enough time on your hands to really work with it if you’re being fancy with a brush. (A brush , i’ve found gives it more coverage as opposed to using your fingers).  The product goes from liquid to powder as it sets, and so it will show up on every little fine line and crease. Not an under-eye friendly formula to be honest.

Pigment : The colour for the shade Natural in the tube looks slightly orange with a deep yellow undertone. Thank the lords though, it does not go on that way on the face.  It doesn’t oxidise to an oompa-loompa orange either, and morphs to your skin. I’m lighter than the shade the product swatches out as, and it works very well at matching me and taking care of some of my redness. But if you have very cool undertones or have a lot of pink to your complexion, this might be a bit too yellow. In which case, a shade that’s more on the beige side would be a better idea. So my assumption is that “Natural” is a one size fits all.

Finish : By itself it’s a natural finish, despite of the liquid-powder morph. Paired with a powder foundation, it is flat-matte.(It also ups the coverage of the powder foundation and makes it go on better)

Longevity : It lasts for some time around 5 hours in terms of the coverage , and the finish shifts towards satin. So that’s pretty average, but as a tinted moisturizer, not bad at all.

How did Faces CC Cream fare for me ?

I have used it two ways, one, paired with my basic concealer for everyday wear (i do reccomend using it everywhere other than the under-eyes because of the creasing)  .The other, as a base for my foundation for a fuller coverage since it does state that it duals as a primer.

As a CC Cream :

As for the first , it works really well at evening out the skin tone ( sheer coverage) and as a basic moisturizer with sun-protectant (It has an SPF of 20) . Paired with a concealer that takes care of the areas that need slightly more coverage, it’s very suitable for everyday wear . I’m not when i say it hyping it up makes your skin look lovely.

As a primer :

As for the latter , it works Very well paired with some of my more not-so-matte foundations to morph them more on the matte side. It doesn’t really prolong the longevity from what i’ve seen, but the application is so much better (probably because of the silicone in the product) and the end result with a satin-finish foundation is a beautiful natural, almost-matte finish.

What i don’t love about Faces CC Cream:

  • The coverage could have been better, but personally, it works for me since i’m not too much into the made-up skin hype.
  • The consistency is a bit runny and messy. Sure, it makes it blend out well, but you do need to use quite a bit of product .
  • The nozzle is a little bit too big and , again, makes a packaging a little bit messy.

Price in India: Rs.399

VNA Rating: 3.25/5

Where to Buy Online in India: nykaa.com

Verdict? Now, this could either be an epic fail for you, or an all-rounder. I did have to make a couple of allowances for the product. It creases? I use it everywhere other than under my eyes. It doesn’t have enough coverage for my problem-areas? I pair it with a concealer. It works really well, better than any other tinted moisturizer i’ve tried so far, and has the most beautiful finish out of any of the BB/CC Creams i’ve stocked up, but the product works for you only if you can work with it. With the other CC/BB creams on the market, i find this to be somewhere in the middle of the spectrum.

Have you used Faces CC Cream? Share your reviews with us.

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