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Facebook Inspires An Eyeshadow Palette?

Oh yes you read it right. Kyuki soch kabhi kahi se bhi aa sakti hai. I get inspirational thoughts in the bath. The YSL guys get inspired on facebook! Yves Saint Laurent has come up with a new eye shadow palette based on the facebook colour theme – blue, white, steel grey and black
. I can imagine girls walking down the streets with eyes saying “Like me”.

Its a limited edition and rumour mills tell me there are only 1650 pieces available with 500 within US. Those who buy this “Devoted to Fans” palette get some exclusive information through their facebook feeds.
ysl facebook eye shadow
Facebook Inspired YSL eye shadow palette

The palette is priced at $55

and will be released worldwide on July 19.
Social media was never this powerful. Now this is something to update your FB status about.

Go ahead like my page on facebook, who knows I might get inspired someday too!