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Face of the Day ‘Coral’ and iFabbo Blogger of the Month January 2012

Its so freaking cold here in Delhi that the other day there was still some fog on the roads at 4 in the evening. Not that I’m complaining. So what if it makes me lazy? So what if I get up wayy late? So what if bathing no longer feels like bathing but some death defying stunt I’ve to perform every morning? I still love the extreme Delhi winters. “Pyaar mera dilli ki sardii….
” (which roughly translates to my love is like Delhi’s winters)

One of my biggest sins is owning too much makeup and using too little. The thing is too many products confuse me and add to it I’m super lazy, so I end up using only the few bare essentials. Not that I’m not trying to change this habit. Here is a breakdown for you.

On my face:
Ponds TM
Mac Melba Blush

On my eyes:
Lakme Satin Kohl (which had totally faded by the time I took this pic)
Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara

On my lips:
Deborah Matte Lipstick 03

I’ve been trying to be all modest and it’s no big deal kind all this week but after a few friends asked ┬áliterally ordered to right this post, here I am! All the fashion and beauty bloggers must already know iFabbo. Who doesn’t know them after their much blogged about IFB conference in NYC last year? So I’ve been featured as their ‘Blogger of the Month’ for January. It was fun answering all those questions! Have a look.

You can check the complete interview here
By the way I’m so hungry right now but my mom is not letting me eat eggs today since its Tuesday. Mom and her superstitions! You know she doesn’t even allow me to wash our hair on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays!

20 thoughts on “Face of the Day ‘Coral’ and iFabbo Blogger of the Month January 2012”

  1. Congrats darling! It is a big deal!! :)
    Oh and love your FOTD! So pretty! U hv such lovely hair. :)
    And yeah agree with you.. Even I keep buying so much makeup but barely use it.. Only reach for a few items daily.. Sigh….


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